#471 Fresh configuration of uk_rt fails on 0.5.62



As reported on xmltv-users, fresh configuration of uk_rt fails in 0.5.62 when requesting available lineups.


XMLTV::Supplement works with path contents in either the directory of filename component of its call _if_ the path to the requested file already exists. The uk_rt grabber had a single direction component in the file parameter which does not exist at configuraiton time. This coupled with a testing failure which meant this directory already existed resulted in this issue not revealing itself.

Fresh installation/configuration of any grabbers using XMLTV::Supplement with deeply nested files must therefore ensure all path components are in the first parameter passed to GetSupplement (which is likely how it is intended to be used).


Always call GetSupplement with:

my $string = GetSupplement("full/path/to/file", "$file");

instead of

my $string = GetSupplement("full/path/to", "dir/$file");

Developer Response:

Confirmed here. Patch committed to CVS.
Will will need to get a new dot release out the door with this in.


  • Nick Morrott

    Nick Morrott - 2012-06-13
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Nick Morrott

    Nick Morrott - 2012-06-13

    Patch committed to CVS. Developer will get more sleep

    We will need to get a new dot release out.


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