#389 failed to get any listings


tv_grab_huro fails to get any listings with both 0.5.56 and latest nightly build:

reports the following to any channel:
http://www.port.hu/pls/tv/tv.channel?i_ch=001&i_date=20091206&i_xday=5&i_where=1: no programs found, skipping


  • Attila Nagy

    Attila Nagy - 2009-12-09

    I am not able to reproduce this bug. Maybe the time frame when you're running it is important, did you try at different times of the day?

  • vpolar

    vpolar - 2009-12-10

    Tried at different times with the same results, it gets the channel details alright but fails with the programs.
    Is there a way to debug or monitor the process with some extra output?

    The urls it tries to open are all valid and working..

  • Robert Eden

    Robert Eden - 2009-12-21

    I tried on Windows with the latest ese and it worked for me too.

  • vpolar

    vpolar - 2010-02-07

    Tried it on virtual and real windows machine as well (after failing on mac os x) and failed to get any listings with the latest public release.. I can't see how it could work some ppl while not for others..

  • Lucian Muresan

    Lucian Muresan - 2010-02-11

    Same problem here on Gentoo Linux with the romanian site http://www.port.ro , well, I also encountered the problem that the site was completely unaccessible for minutes, but right now it loads in any browser and xmltv just says it hasn't found any programs

  • Geoff

    Geoff - 2014-04-10

    Grabber has since been updated. Problem no longer occurs.

  • Geoff

    Geoff - 2014-04-10
    • status: open --> closed-works-for-me
    • Group: --> none

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