Carlo Caminati - 2003-06-10

I just discovered XML-RPC and xmlrpc++, I'm thinking about its usage: introspection is good, but is different from other technologies: in a lot of cases developers on both sides (client and server) agree on an interface described in a language (SMI for SNMP, IDL for CORBA etc.)
then they compile the description getting client and server stubs, finally each one fills its side, compile and run together.
If I write an xmlrpc server, how can I describe offered services to a developer who want to write a client ? Is introspection the only way to do it ?
What I would like is: a language for the description (better if it's an existing language such as IDL or a subset of it) and a skeleton generator for server and client stubs.
OK it seems CORBA, but in this case the migration from CORBA to xmlrpc would re-use the interface specification.