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The project is alive again!

We (I, for now) will be releasing a new release (heh) of the library for ActionScript 2.0.
...That's a good thing!

Posted by Matt Shaw 2004-02-12

New Developers Release

A new pakage of the xmlrpcflash library has been posted for download, with 3 major changes:

+ New Simplified Event Model (thanks Martin Szulecki of Hamburg!)

+ Added Conteht-Type to meet xmlrpc spec adherance (thanks MM!)


See CHANGES.txt included in the package for more information.


Posted by Isaac Levy 2003-02-28

MM Flash Player: beta has ContentType working!

Hello all,

I am very pleased to announce that Macromedia seems to have fixed the ContentType property for the send, sendAndLoad, and getURL actionscript methods.
(though not totally feeling secure that this will persist into theplug-in and flash player releases, but it IS VERY LIKELY that it will.)

This is terrific for xmlrpc- as this has been one problem in making a truly useful (and full featured spec compliant) xmlrpc client library for Flash. In the end, it is my hope that the ContentType header will be a totally transparent element of the xmlrpcflash client lib.... read more

Posted by Isaac Levy 2002-12-08

New Logo for xmlrpcflash!

While we have been actively massaging the library, Nupur Saurabh has contributed a fantastitic logo for the project!
Thanks Nupur for the artwork and concept!

You can controll-click the flash file to zoom in on it-
Fresh Clarity = Fresh Energy = Fresh Identity

A jpeg is availible for those without the Flash Plug-in,
http://xmlrpcflash.sourceforge.net/logo/xmlrpcflash_logo.jpg... read more

Posted by Isaac Levy 2002-11-08

NEW Developer Mailing List!

Anyone interested in developing, testing, keeping tabs on progress, or otherwise piching in, please join the new xmlrpcflash mailing list!


Posted by Isaac Levy 2002-11-04

MM Posts new Flash Player Beta

This MX era flash player update boasts ONE CRUCIAL FEATURE, WHICH MAY BE OF INTREST THIS PROJECT: they state that they have fixed the 'http contentType function in actionscript, a buggy issue which has plauged use of xmlrpc in flash for a LONG time now.

The beta is here:

If you install and test it, be sure you read and understand how to re-install the current flash player, as this is a BETA.... read more

Posted by Isaac Levy 2002-10-31

Pulling out of Alpha

Hello all, ike here-
I am a new project admin/instigator<g>. For a some time, I will be posting news related to this project weekly, starting now.

The xmlrpc client librarary for flash is currently getting a shot in the arm, with the aim of pulling it out of Alpha asap. A bit of re-orginization of files is going on, as well as a mailing list being formed for developers.
If you are an actionscripter who is good with OO actionscript, your help would be greatly appreciated!... read more

Posted by Isaac Levy 2002-10-31

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