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New Release - 1.1.1

It was quite a while since a new release of the library which indicates that it appears to be quite stable. Nevertheless, it's time for a minor release which fixes an important limitation.

Until 1.1.1 there was no way of adding InvocationHandlers to an XmlRpcServer without specifying which namespace the handler should respond to. This required all XML-RPC methods exposed by a server to be in the format "namespace.methodname". There was no way of just exposing "methodname" as the service name.... read more

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2011-01-24

Simple + XML-RPC

A new package is available for download which includes an integration between the Simple HTTP server and Redstone XML-RPC Library, aiming to simplify quick deployment of XML-RPC services. Check out the wiki area for more information.

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2008-08-25

Version 1.1 released

A new version of the Redstone XML-RPC Library has been released.

Various fixes and additions:

Base64 encoding now accepts line breaks to increase compatibility. Thanks Paul Winkler for filing a bug.

Character encoding can now be selected by setting a property in the properties file. It defaults to UTF-8 but can be overridden to any valid encoding. Thanks to A.J (ozzzburn) and Paul Rene Joergensen for filing bug reports.... read more

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2007-08-20

Marquee XML-RPC becomes Redstone XML-RPC

The Marquee XML-RPC library has become Redstone XML-RPC. The old library code and releases are still available and the CVS will be updated with bug fixes related to it. In Subversion there is new code available which is described in the project home page.

The Marquee library will remain for backwards compatibility but will probably not receive any new functionality. The new Redstone release is very similar to the Marquee code base although it is not 100% compatible.... read more

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2006-05-24

New release coming.

Hi all,

During the past 7-8 months we have been extremely busy with a customer case which has made the XML-RPC library suffer. Now things are cooling down and we can get back to freshing up the library. There are a few things on the menu; better thread handling, Log4J logging, bug fixes, SAX2 parser, and more. We'll be updating the library soon. Constributions are very welcome!

Thanks for all the input so far, and sorry for not responding in time.... read more

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2003-09-03

New Release Available (1.3)

A new release of the library is available. The most
important update is the switch to Java 2 Collections. For more information, check out the home page [1].

Greger Ohlson


Posted by Greger Ohlson 2002-08-04

New Maintenence Release, 1.2.1.

Contains various bugfixes suggested by you.
Thanks a lot!


Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-10-17

Examples Added to Release.

The 1.2 release was missing the example source code. This has been fixed, and the ZIP file is updated.

Thanks to Shawn Keller for pointing that out.


Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-08-27

1.2 Released!

Hi all,

A new version of the library, 1.2, is released. The XmlRpcClient has received a new constructor accepting a URL. Behind the scenes, a lot has happened to support this, including client connection factories, and more. Thanks to Toby Allsopp and Peace Software International Ltd.

Support for GZIP-encoded XML payloads supported thanks to Micah Spears.

A new build script for Ant supplied, also thanks to Toby Allsopp and Peace Software.... read more

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-08-18

Feedback Wanted!

As the download count is reaching 1200 it would be nice hearing from the people who've tried out the package or is using it in some kind of development. In order to improve the library, we have to hear from you. There is new support for GZIPed XML payloads in CVS and a new Ant build script, and we're planning on refining the thread handling code in the server. After that, a new release will be available. What functionality, new or revised, do you want to see in the library?... read more

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-07-27

New Release!

I'm proud to announce a new release of the Marque XML-RPC library. It includes a lot of nice stuff. You may read all about it on the home page. Enjoy!

Best Regards,
Greger Ohlson

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-06-04

New developer!

Rainer Bischof has joined the team of developers at Marque XML-RPC. He is currently working on an extension to the library that allows serialization and deserialization of object graphs. This extension makes it easier to use Java XML-RPC endpoints that work similar to RMI.

The extension will be released late this weekend or early next week.

Greger Ohlson

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-05-16

Complete package released.

The project is now available for downloading as a ZIP-file containing the prebuilt JAR-file, JAXP-jar files, the source code, and documentation. Enjoy.

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-04-29

CVS Repository Updated

The project structure has been imported into CVS. This includes the source code, documentation, and prebuilt JAR-files.

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-04-14

Project Homepage Added

A project homepage has been added to the project. It contains unactivated links and some preliminary documentation.

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-04-14


The XML-RPC Library for Java(tm) has been opened. During April 2001 we'll upload the current baseline into CVS and formalize a project homepage. Feel free to join us in developing the library into something useful.

Posted by Greger Ohlson 2001-04-13

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