Ant buildfile

  • Edouard Mercier

    Edouard Mercier - 2004-11-29

    An important task that I intend to do is to make the Ant buildfile usable for other developers.

    I have already started to split the main 'build.xml' into several parts.

    However, a task that indicates what is required in order to develop under XRN is required.
    As well as a task that does most of the stuff that can automate a machine configuration, so that it can work on XRN.

    • Anonymous - 2004-11-29

      Thats a good idea. More or less one file (xml) for each task. Than its very easy to handle. Or least something like:
      1) init (delete old classes and creates new dirs......)
      2) compile
      3) test (? if needed; junit ?)
      4) deploy (creates the jar and so on......)

    • Nicolas Chalumeau

      I think you need to externalize all hard code location first.
      And maybe have some to init the classpath and don't use the ant one (look at the project.xml of the maven pluggin for version number)

    • Edouard Mercier

      Edouard Mercier - 2004-11-30

      OK, the Ant buildfiles have been totally revisited. I've strived making something easier to use.

      Do not forget to update from CVS before consider starting with!

      Please, could you make a try and test whether this is convenient. I also added a top 'readme.txt' file under CVS, which is supposed to provide an introduction.

      Your comments are higly welcome.

      Please, try the main 'build-XRNDevelop.xml' Ant buildfile, in order to test that you can compile the XRN Java source code: this is the 'buildAntTask'.

      If that's OK, could you please try the 'setup' target in order to make sure that you can make a delivery package of the XRN project.

      Tell me where more information is needed, in order to make the development easier. All your remarks and suggestions are welcome.

      On my side, I'm now working on the test side...


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