Apt Doc format

  • Nicolas Chalumeau

    In a previous message you say you want to find a more simple format than html (or xdoc as it use html tag) to write the xrn doc

    I find a very simple format (APT) to write the documentation :


    It have a maven plugin to transform the doc written in apt into xdoc format so we can integrate it in the site generate by maven :


    • Edouard Mercier

      Edouard Mercier - 2004-12-15

      This seems promising, since it mostly separate the content from the layout...

      If you can show to us an example of such an APT document on the Maven technical site, that is integrated to Maven site via the plug-in you refer to, that would be  really great!

    • Nicolas Chalumeau

      OK I will migrate some of the existing doc to integrate it in the site generate by maven to night.
      In fact it really easy to do :)


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