New features/changes - Explanation desired

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2005-04-11

    Hi Edouard,
    I have seen that you have added some parts to the xmlreleasenotes.xsd and you made changes to the ant
    build.xml. I would really appreciate if you send me some informations about that. I was a bit confused while looking for ant tasks and so on.
    Anyway, I work on the GUI to improve the handling and generating a pdf XMLReleaseNotes. The GUI looks a bit better now and I think I can send the sources to the repository soon.

    • Edouard Mercier

      Edouard Mercier - 2005-09-02

      Yes Carsten, sorry for the change without much notification. I will add the GUI compilation to the change process, so that at least, when the XSD changes, then it still compiles.

      For the very near future, no major changed planned on the XSD.


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