"Getting started" guide

  • Edouard Mercier

    Edouard Mercier - 2004-11-17

    OK, I might be not responsive during the writting of this guide, which is really necesary in order to enable the newbie to discover what XRN is really about...

    So, I will not deliver any major release as soon as a reasonable guide is bundle with the XRN delivery package. Even if I have somemany idea and things to code in mind... Too hard to have to wait.

    I will show you the guide and I hope that you will have comments and suggestions for it. By the way, if you any idea on how to leverage as much as possible on how to smartly generate this guide, you're welcome !

    Do not hesitate to propose new features, as soon as you actullay start using the framework.

    • Nicolas Chalumeau

      Has I said you outline the xdoc format use by maven and apache project is not bad.

      There are some maven plugin to transform xdoc into .pdf, .doc ...

      For the maven integration I will use this format as a large part of the maven-plugin are generated in it.

    • Edouard Mercier

      Edouard Mercier - 2004-11-18

      The "XRN Guide" is now available both on XRN web site and shiped in the delivery package zip file.

      This is just a start... Comments welcome!

      By the way, I should take a look at the xdoc.

    • Edouard Mercier

      Edouard Mercier - 2004-11-28

      I am very interested in your feedback concerning the 'XRN Guide'. If you have time to read it all, this would be great.

      Moreover, it is the opportunity to understand more deeply what XRN is about...


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