• Renrew

    Renrew - 2007-02-13

    My application requests the importing of the opengis namespace ( Some elements in that schema use the tag FINAL - but xsd2db does not seem to recognize it as a valid construct.
    Any suggestion what I should do - short of making a local copy of the schemas and deleting all occurrences of the offending tag.

    Thanks,  wbj

    • dondi

      dondi - 2007-02-13

      xsd2db actually depends on JAXB for mapping the xsd into Java objects.  One thing you can try is to update to the latest JAXB libraries and see if they handle FINAL.  Sun recently open-sourced JAXB as well, so it's possible that if JAXB still doesn't handle FINAL, one can contribute code that takes care of this.


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