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We are using subversion, not CVS now.

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2006-04-05

Big speed up, Java support

Huge speed up of tangle by doing delayed loading of files. Only needed xi:includes are actually imported. Also generate Java code correctly, so you can use this for Java development. Lot's of other bug fixes and changes.

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2006-04-05

CWEB-like and types overhauled.

There are new "web" implementations for methods and a companion "webtangle" object to tangle them. These have a similarity to CWEB, and will allow more complete programs to be written. Overhauled the way types are defined and implemented for different languages and cleaned up some .xsl documentation issues. Still only C++ though. If you get this, remember to get the latest cppxmlobj as well.

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2005-10-14

Steadily marching on

We now have standalone C++ code (normal code, non cppxmlobj) being built, and consgtructors and destructors can be defined. Other various bug fixes also.

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2005-07-20

First useful release

We are almost there...

I have installation notes on the website now. The documentation from the website is actually completely built from a single "weave" command in the root folder of cppliterate now!

A lot more bugs have beedn fixed and I added CSS to the html generated from weave. There is a single weave script now which can weave an entire project from all the files.xml sprinkled throughout it, weave a single entire schema, or weave a single object's documentation. ... read more

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2005-06-10

Initial Release

Although this project has been in CVS for a while, it has not actually been useful until recently.

Literate programming allows you to create a set of files that are used for both documentation AND code. This is a different approach to just writing code and letting doxygen/javadoc generate the documentation.

You start off with something called a "schema" which describes all of the objects in the system, and then run a program called "tangle" which generates the code from this description. The cool thing is that you can generate everything the code needs, including build files, data files etc. Then you just build like normal.... read more

Posted by Paul Hamilton 2004-10-07

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