For performance testing XML databases the following might be helpful:


We started on an XML:DB implementation of the Xoo7 benchmark but never finished the project. 





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Thursday, September 23, 2004 3:12 AM
Subject: [Xmldb-org-general] large documents and performance testing


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It's a shame that XML:DB isn't very active.


It is not shame if people don't use XML databases :)))).


Maybe you could clarify what you mean by handling large files. 


When I try to import 5 MB document into Xindice, dbXML and eXist I get OutOfMemoryError or something similar. My myx is able to import large XML and to extract Query using Saxon. myx is simple software - i wrote it for 6 days! I just implemented XML:DB using MySQL, dom4j and Saxon. So, my implementation is "dummy" but seems to be enough stable - yesterday dbxmlGUI worked with it - after 1 hour of debugging. But, on some place dbXMLGUI use DOM - and on that places it still broke! I make one fix for dbXMLGUI to exclude using DOM, and probably there will be more.


I'm not sure about XIndice's implementation but a 15MB document in memory should not be a problem. 


For Xindice even 4.6 MB is problem! See Xindice FAQ! And for dom4j and eXist also.



Performance is another issue. 


If somebody have some performance testing for XML:DB please let me know for test it with myx. I have seen one, but unfortunatly I don't know where. I will try to find it again, if somebody have some URL or tests, please let me know!


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