Hi Mladen,


Looks like you and I are the only ones on this list.  It's a shame that XML:DB isn't very active.


Maybe you could clarify what you mean by handling large files.  Some XPath implementations require the entire document be in storage, some don't.  I'm not sure about XIndice's implementation but a 15MB document in memory should not be a problem.  Performance is another issue.  As documents increase in size the need for XPath indices becomes important.  We tried XIndice once to benchmark it against our product but we couldn't get much performance improvement using the XIndice index.  We may have been using it incorrectly.




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My supervisor want Open Source Native XML DB which is able to store and query XPath expressions large XML files (i.e. 15 MB). And to have good Java support (to be able to incorporate into Eclipse 3.0).


I checked existing Open Source products, and didn't find any Java-enabled product which is able to store and query large files.


And I wrote implementation of XML:DB which is able to store and query large files.


Do somebody know other implementation which is capable to store and query large files ?


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