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xml2sqr is back

coming soon.
- new libs for vba

- java version

- c# version

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2007-10-19

0.7 (it is still alpha, ok)

The 0.7 release, with three tutorial, one test application for library functions and an "empty application", has been released.
Some more documentation is still missing, but I will keep on working, at least on the cookbook and some other smaller doc files, in order to release a minimum but complete set of documents.
However, I will put in the present file a further set of infos, either about the release, either for documentation purposes.
All this is for the bravest of you who will try to use xml2sqr (at the moment we are just two: Andrea and me, "the developers").
As I just told, inside the 0.7 folder, you will find:... read more

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-07-07

0.6 Alpha Update

We are going to deliver an update of the 0.6 alpha version of the framework. This update has been debugged and checked, during the porting of our first commercial application on this new framework version. It is possible that many errors are still there, but now this framework version is completely aligned with the former interpreted only version, and is now able to work with a fairly complex real life application.
During this week, we will work also on documentation and tutorials, in order to give to the community a better version.

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-07-05

0.6Alpha is available

The 0.6Alpha is now available, only from the CVS.
The path to get the files (from the CVS repository) is:

Enjoy and/but be patient


Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-06-16

0.6Alpha (20050616)

Major Changes from 20050505:
- All former interpreter tags have been implemented
- first base library revision
- deprecated functions for back compatibility.
- library functions examples
- xml2sqr tutorial script for base interpreter tags (if-then-else,select-case,for,while...)
- xml2sqr tutorial script for generating a javadoc like application (which builds base library documentation)
- xml2sqr classes implementation, not yet complete, aligned with actual fftech production environment.
- basic documentation still lacks; we have written a basic set of documents, now directly in xml, with an xsl for generating html. These docs still miss a lot of informations. Sorry, it will take time to complete the documentation, but I will help anyone in setting up the system, if necessary (at the moment, it seems that very little persons are interested in this work, so, it will not be too hard to help directly anyone of you who is interested).
This version is still "Microsoft-vba-inside-IIS" only.
Java Version is now: 0.1 %
C# Version is now: 0.4 %... read more

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-06-16

0.6 problems solved.

We are submitting a 0.6 version, with compiler/interpreter options, completely aligned with our actual production environment.
This means that the Source Forge version of xml2sqr is going to replace our actual production environment.
This release has fixed the problems of last week (embedcode, revert2xml and so on) and embeds also xml2sqr object basic functionalities.
Also, a javadoc-like documentation tool has been added.
Follow the release, which will require some days, mainly for general documentation and library tuning.

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-06-15

Some problems in final release of 0.6

We are working a lot on some issues we had in porting the compiler directives

Main issues are due to some inconsistent and/or wrong data model in the attributes of these tags.
I hope to have a version to submit for this evening.
In the meantime, we are working on the library layout.

WFNN (Wait For Next News)

We hope to overcome

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-20

first working but not fully tested-stable-completed release

This version is still not fully functional, but the compiler now is able to produce real working code.

You can test the system by calling the compiler wrappers located in: webbasedir/test/*.asp

output files are inside webbasedir/compiled

if you want to recompile them, you have to delete the previous compiled versions.

Enjoy and be patient: it will get better soon; especially the documentation

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-13

first docs attempt

I published a first set of docs (two are active, three are still pending). The files are the same included in the cvs modules, under the doc directory.

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-11

Update (20050510):

Still missing: the XML2 framework objects cast, the useobject and the include/execute/revert2xml directives.
XML2 procedure call is partially implemented.
Documentation is still poor. I'm working on it.
Generated code not yet functional.
Sorry, documentation does not include yet an environment set up and an installation procedure explanation. I will try to post a first version of this document on the SF servers, this evening.

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-10

Update (20050506):

We worked a little more on this version: now it contains all basic tags, including flow control statements and arrays definition; function calls and framework objects are still missing. We decided not to release a new version but to keep the old release number. Generated code not yet functional.

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-10

About the 0.6.20050505

This is really the first release, whith a small amount of documentation. It implements most of the basic language tags, apart the flow control instructions (there is just the select-case).
It is still difficult to use and understand, but,we are working on it. It will become better in a few days.
At the moment, the compiler/interpreter works only on the application_start tag, and produces line of codes coherent with the tags in that section of the xml2 script.
Althoug the code produced is not yet functional, it is however inetersting, in order to understand how does the interpreter works, eventually with one of the available debuggers on the windows platform.

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-10

Introduction to new xml2sqr version

Despite the fact that a fully functional version of xml2sqr exists and works on many of our production sites, it has never been completely loaded on the Source Forge repository until now.
That version (last release id was 0.5.bt2) had many problems, was not really well documented (well, it was not documented at all), was difficult to use/debug and so on.
Unfortunately, our internal works did not permit to dedicate enough time to the development for the community, until now.... read more

Posted by Enrico Scelsa 2005-05-10

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