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Manpage extraction from sources

Started on extracting manpages embedded in the source files. Currently only DocBook 5 format is supported.

Posted by Bram Latupeirissa 2012-06-14

new version 0.1.0

In version 0.1.0 Perl and Java support is dropped, so the sole focus will be on XML and Python.

Posted by Bram Latupeirissa 2012-04-01

new version 0.0.8 and documentation

A new version 0.0.8 was added. there is also new documentation

Posted by Bram Latupeirissa 2012-02-27

documentation available

A PDF document containing the current documentation can be downloaded from the Files section now. It's far from complete but gives a good idea of the application and help for people giving it a try.

Find frequent pre-build packages for Ubuntu on https://launchpad.net/xml-xpt

Posted by Bram Latupeirissa 2012-01-20

Ubuntu Launchpad builds

Ubuntu Launchpad builds are now regularly updated and available from https://launchpad.net/xml-xpt.

Posted by Bram Latupeirissa 2011-07-12