Johann N. Löfflmann

The xml-holidays project

What is the purpose of this project?

The xml-holidays project suggests an XML document type for expressing international holidays.

The project also supports actual holiday definitions for many countries. And we do care not only about current holiday rules, but we also care about historic holiday definitions.


Please have a look at the examples in order to understand how easy it is to declare even complex rules for a holiday by using xml-holidays.

What is out of the scope of this project?

This project concentrates on a holiday xml standard and the actual data definitions for holidays on this planet. The standard should be independent of a programming language. Therefore an actual software implementation that parses xml-data is out of the scope of this project.

The project called NumericalChameleon - a free, cross platform, open source and very powerful unit converter entirely written in Java was the first project that actual use the xml-holidays data.

What holidays/countries do you support already?

Please go to the release notes. For details please go to the repository.

What is the license of the project?

All files in the xml-holidays project are covered by the 3-clause BSD license which is known to be compatible with the GPL. You can use the xml-holidays in both free software and commercial projects. Nonetheless you should read the License.

Where does the idea come from?

The idea for this project came from the project called NumericalChameleon - a free, cross platform, open source unit converter that is able to perform holiday calculations since 2004. We have been working closely with the NC folks and we have extracted and enhanced the holiday definitions from the NumerialChameleon project. The members of the NumericalChameleon have been working on an actual implementation in order to read and understand the xml-holidays data.

Can I contribute to the project?

Sure, we are happy to hear from you. We recommend to read the Guidelines.

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