#75 Problems with syntax coloring


I have five XML files open in XCE. The largest is 617 KB; the others are all smaller than 34KB.

I'll upload a screen capture of one file, which is 34 KB.

Eight lines after a comment, the syntax coloring halts. The ninth line is gray, as though it were a comment (it's not) and then just straight, uncolored text.

Actually, this happens several times in the document. A comment ends on line 5 and the syntax coloring ends ten lines later. A comments ends on line 41 and the syntax coloring ends 4 lines later.

But at line 133, comments don't have any effect on the syntax color, which works properly the rest of the way to the end of the file (line 321).

I'll send you the file.

But any idea what's going on?




  • Roger Sperberg

    Roger Sperberg - 2007-06-18

    Screen capture of erratic syntax coloring

  • gnschmidt

    gnschmidt - 2007-06-18

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    V. interesting. Thanks also for the email with file attachment! Will investigate if I'm doing something wrong or if this is something I should point out to the developers of the editor component.

  • gnschmidt

    gnschmidt - 2007-06-18
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  • Roger Sperberg

    Roger Sperberg - 2007-06-20

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    Hm. The same sort of thing was happening today -- after a certain point the syntax coloring would stop.

    In a few places, I noted it started up again of its own accord.

    What was odd, was that i found if I edited one of the non-syntax colored lines, they would become syntax colored.

    Thought I would let you know this facet as well.


  • Zane U. Ji

    Zane U. Ji - 2013-12-08

    I believe that it has been fixed in v1.2.0.8. [e42354]

    Will you try v1.2.0.8?



    Commit: [e42354]

  • Zane U. Ji

    Zane U. Ji - 2014-03-21
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
    • Group: --> v1.2.0.8

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