XMind: 3.0.2 Released

Popular brainstorming and mind mapping tool,Eclipse Community Award 2008 winner,often used for capture ideas,knowledge/project management and GTD,supporting fishbones/org-charts/tree charts/spreadsheets,compatible with Freemind/Mindmanager,easy-to-use.

Change of Version 3.0.2

New Features:
1. Security
2. New Sheet from Topic
3. Hyperlink in Notes

1. Delete any a topic in drilled down map, XMind will be back to the orginal map.
2. If enabling the "Auto-save", sometimes, it will report auto-save error.
3. When positioning the topic which has been added summary, the summary will has wrong direction sometimes.
4. Selecting and Positioning multiple topics which have boundary together will bring chaos
5. The last two default styles in the style view are not available.
6. Add boundary to multiple main branches in fishbone, the layout will be chaos.
7. Pasting the multiple lines structural text into XMind has no effect.
8. If using mouse contexst menu to align topics, users may not use alignment feature again untill re-open the XMind.

1. Improve XMind speed
2. Improve XMind performance and use less memory
3. Improve Fishbone layout
4. Importing FreeMind file performs better.
5. XMind can run better on Mac OS X 10.4 fluently.
6. Using personal markers in a map, and sharing with others, the markers sometimes can not been see.
7. Enhance Save Sheet as...

Posted by Brian Sun 2009-03-27

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