Import Freemind to XMind

If you're a freemind user, it's really a good news. XMind is a new
open source project to do brainstorming and mind mapping. Now you can
import your freemind maps to XMind, in order to:

# add attachment files into mindmaps.
# add my pictures and markers into mindmaps.
# add fishbone diagrams into mindmaps.
# add spreadsheets into mindmaps, and treat them as topics.
# add a legend to show user defined descriptions to each marker.
# add rich text notes
# drilldown into a topic, and focus on it.
# import mindmaps from Mindmanager.
# share my mindmps with the world, via (like YouTube)

XMind Home:
XMind Project:

Posted by Brian Sun 2008-12-06

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