#95 better blue tooth


Frequently, I answer calls from my laptop. I then ask the caller to hold whilst I fumble for my headset. (please see "better echo cancellation" request). I would rather fumble for my blue tooth headset, turn it on, and begin using my headset. I can kinda do that now, but I have to ask them to hold, open the tools dialogue, select my bluetooth device for speaker and mic, then talk. What usually happens next is I forget and leave xmeeting set to my blue tooth device; then I'm really in trouble. Sometime later another call comes in, I press go, I can't hear them, they can't hear me, a dialogue pops up telling me my bluetooth device is not available (it went to sleep). In other words what I'm asking for is...
I want Xmeeting to fail over to one set of audio devices (built in mic and speakers) but if the blue tooth device becomes available to switch to it, when it becomes unavailable switch back to built in mic and speakers.
This would allow me to take a call on my built in mic and speakers, wake up the blue tooth headset and continue the call on the headset.


  • Hannes Friederich

    • status: open --> closed-rejected
  • Hannes Friederich

    Bluetooth support is provided by the OS and not by XMeeting itself.


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