#232 Snow Leopard

XMeeting (101)

Hi, i could not start xmeeting in snow leopard!! It opens only a small windows that does nothing... If someone could help i would appreciate!! Otherwise i will install leopard again as i use oftem xmeeting and i can't find a free or not expensive app that does the same!!


  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I've found at least a workaround for this (at least on my system). According to the console, it seems like the error is due to the address book integration feature.

    On my system, I deleted the preferences file for xmeeting (~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.xmeeting.XMeeting.plist) and restarted.

    I haven't been in any video calls yet today to test if everything works, but at least the app starts now.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It Works !!!! Thank You !!!! :-) Thank You :-)
    You saved me a lot of Kilometers this week :-)
    Thank you one more time :-)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    You can also uncheck "Search the Address Book database when entering an address" under Preferences => Address Book. This corrects the issue as well.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    It worked fine for me after deleting the (~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.xmeeting.XMeeting.plist) as described before

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I am unable to locate (~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.xmeeting.XMeeting.plist) on my system at all.

    Additionally, when I launch xMeeting, the preferences option is "greyed-out", so I am unable to uncheck Search the Address Book database when entering an

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I did delete the file ~/Library/Preferences/net.sourceforge.xmeeting.XMeeting.plist created a new setup and unchecked "Search the Address Book database when entering an address" and now locally it does seem fine but as soon as i call an mcu the video gets extremely choppy after 2 seconds and becomes unusable (like 1frame per 10 seconds).


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