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Report ID: 4SZZCS
Error: -2147221080 (Method 'Parent' of object '_Chart' failed)

Call stack:

Application.Workbooks.count: 1
Application.AddIns.count: 8
ActiveWorkbook.Sheets.count: 35
ActiveWorkbook.Charts.count: 0
ActiveWbIsUndoWb: False
Chart active: -1 (chart sheet)
Selection: ChartArea

XL Toolbox version: 2.73
Debug mode: 0
Updates: n/a
Excel version: 11.0 (Build 6560)
Application.Parent: Microsoft Excel
User control: -1
Excel UI Language: 1029
OS: Windows (32-bit) NT 5.01

Memory load: 86
Physical memory: 102 MB free
Virtual memory: 1652 MB free