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    The project web page ( has sample code of how to start a simple binary function server.  It says HTTP protocol is also supported but I don't see any example of how to start up a simple HTTP server.  In the .ini file section it explains how to configure the Excel client to work in HTTP mode.  But I don't see anything that explains how to start up an HTTP server.

    Can you provide an example?


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    You start it as a Servlet in a server like Tomcat.  It's beyond the scope here to explain Servlets, but that's the key.

    Following is the code I used to create an XLLoop servlet:

    package com.mypackage;

    import javax.servlet.*;

    import org.boris.xlloop.handler.*;
    import org.boris.xlloop.http.*;

    public class MyFunctionServlet extends FunctionServlet
    public void init(final ServletConfig config) throws ServletException
    FunctionInformationHandler infoHandler = new FunctionInformationHandler();
    MyFunctionHandler myHandler = new MyFunctionHandler();
    CompositeFunctionHandler compositeHandler = new CompositeFunctionHandler();

    Here's an example of adding the new Servlet to the web.xml of tomcat:


    Here is the xlloop.ini file I used with the Excel add-in:


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    Thanks.  That's exactly what I was looking for.


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