Python example of ReflectFunctionHandler, etc

Mike Wolfe
  • Mike Wolfe

    Mike Wolfe - 2010-12-17

    First off, awesome work.

    I'm trying to get some things working using the native Python server.  The Java example shows examples for the following handlers: ReflectFunctionHandler(), FunctionInformationFunctionHandler(), and CompositeFunctionHandler().   The included python example files don't seem to show these (unless I'm just missing something).  Is this functionality available using Python and if so could someone provide a brief example?


            // Create a reflection function handler and add the Math methods
            ReflectFunctionHandler rfh = new ReflectFunctionHandler();
            rfh.addMethods("Math.", Math.class);
            rfh.addMethods("Math.", Maths.class);
            rfh.addMethods("CSV.", CSV.class);
            rfh.addMethods("Reflect.", Reflect.class);
            // Create a function information handler to register our functions
            FunctionInformationFunctionHandler firh = new FunctionInformationFunctionHandler();
            // Set the handlers
            CompositeFunctionHandler cfh = new CompositeFunctionHandler();
            fs.setFunctionHandler(new DebugFunctionHandler(cfh));
  • Mike Wolfe

    Mike Wolfe - 2010-12-23

    That worked! Thanks.


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