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Connecting to a server on another machine

  • Nobody/Anonymous


    First, thanks for developping xlloop. I find it quite handy and easy to use.
    However, I cant manage to have another person connecting to the server on my machine.
    The addin name is xlloop-0.3.2.xll and the I created the file xlloop-0.3.2.ini in the same folder.
    Here is my ini file:

    # WinRun4J args


    ( is my ip in my company's intranet).

    Unfortunately, this is not working. Can someone help me on this one?
    Thanks a lot!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Hi there, I was just trying to figure this out myself.  Here are the exact steps that I took that got it (at least the PHP version) to work.

    My server is running Apache & PHP on on port 8080
    My Apache configuration has the documentRoot set to "/var/www"

    On your machine with Excel:
    1. Make a directory in C:\xlloop
    2. Copy "xlloop-0.3.2.xll" to C:\xlloop
    3. Rename "xlloop-0.3.2.xll" to "myaddon.xll" (you can name it whatever you like)
    4. Create "myaddon.ini" using Notepad (must have the same name as the xll file)
    5. Type this into "myaddon.ini":


    On my apache server:
    1. Copy "XLLoop.php" and "TestServer.php" to "/var/www" (this is the root directory where PHP is)
    2. Start my Apache server

    Test the Apache server + XLLoop:
    1. Open a browser and go to
    You should see the page say "XLLoop function handler alive"

    If you have that working.. then open Excel.
    (Note: you have to restart Excel every time you change the "myaddon.ini" file.
    1. Enter =fs("Sum", 1, 2) into any cell
    You should see "3" show up.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    Oops.  I forgot!  After testing your Apache server, you should do this:

    On your machine with Excel:
    1. Open up Excel 2010
    2. Click on File > Options
    3. Go to Add-ins
    4. Click on Go.  This will open an Add-ins window
    5. Click on the Browse button
    6. Find and select your add on file "c:\xlloop\myaddon.xll" and hit OK
    7. Make sure it has a check mark next to it, and Click OK
    8. Now.. enter =fs("Sum", 1, 2) into any cell.  You should see "3" show up.

  • David Smith

    David Smith - 2012-06-15

    When I try and add the myaddon.xll I get the error C:\xlloop\myaddon.xll is not a valid add-in

    Windows 7 (64bit) and Excel 2010

    Any suggestions or help appreciated on this.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

    I got a #Cannot connect to server error message.

    Do you know why?



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