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  • Vicente Soler

    Vicente Soler - 2010-07-17


    I find the idea of using python scripts with excel models very exciting. However, from the documentation in the main page I am not able to set up my system in order to make these two tools work together.

    Could you please provive some more information, possibly in a "procedural" way: that is, first do this, then do that, then try…

    Looking forward to hearing from you

    Vicente Soler
    Barcelona Spain

  • Peter Smith

    Peter Smith - 2010-07-19


    Here is a small tutorial - I will stick this on the website soon:

    1. Download xlloop and unzip.
    2. Create new folder (eg.) c:\xlloop_test
    3. Copy xlloop-0.3.0.xll from the download into the folder at 2.
    4. Rename the file to MyPythonAddin.xll
    5. Copy and from the download in the folder at 2.
    7. Start Excel.
    8. Go to the menu Tools->Addins…
    9. Click on Browse…
    10. Go to the folder at 2. and select MyPythonAddin.xll.
    11. You should see "MyPythonAddin" in the list - make sure it is ticked.
    12. Click Ok.
    13. Open a command line and go to the folder at 2.
    14. Run "python"
    15. In the Excel sheet type the function =FS("test")
    16. This should return a random number each time you evaluate it.
    17. Also try =FS("ArgsTest", 123), which should return 123.

    Hope that helps!


  • Nobody/Anonymous


    thanks for posting the steps above - i'm trying to do this with the ruby server.

    Follow all the steps, but when i enter an RB command in excel, receive a "could not connect to server" error.

    I can telnet the host / port for the RB server ok, but excel cant seem to find it.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks for your help!



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