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  • Sphinx

    Sphinx - 2004-10-23

    How i can to place a file xkins-definition.xml (definition of xkins) in path /WEB-INF/xkins-definitions.xml (default he place in /classes and work fine)? If i make it, i have a error - not faund a default template! I working with struts, and add a plugin in struts config -
    <plug-in className="">
        <set-property property="config" value="/xkins-forms-definition.xml" />
        <set-property property="autoReload" value="2000" />
        <set-property property="skinType" value="base" />
    If i change value on /WEB-INF/xkins-forms-definition.xml and place his from /classes in this path - xkins not work!

    • Guillermo Meyer

      Guillermo Meyer - 2004-10-26

      Mmmm, you cant. But it's something I want to do.
      Actually you must place the config file in the classpath. I'm planning to add this configuration placement (in the WEB-INF) as a new feature in the release 1.0 (on november?)
      For now, just place it in the WEB-INF/classes directory.


    • Sphinx

      Sphinx - 2004-10-28

      Thanks for your answer! I great that's from your source code.
      Thank you very match for xkins - it is very instant solution for me!


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