FileNotFoundException starting xkins-article

  • Archie McClumpherty

    I downloaded the xkins-article.war file to see how the thing works but am having problems getting it to deploy on Tomcat 5.0.

    It appears to read the master definition file, but fails when reading the "amazing" skin definition file as follows:

    2005-06-16 12:23:23,984 [main] INFO  XKINS - Loading Xkins from files /xkins-definition.xml...
    2005-06-16 12:23:24,000 [main] INFO  XKINS - Loading file:/F:/Program%20Files/Apache%20Software%20Foundation/Tomcat%205.0/webapps/xkins-article/WEB-INF/classes/xkins-definition.xml
    2005-06-16 12:23:24,015 [main] INFO  XKINS - Loading Definition from file F:\Program%20Files\Apache%20Software%20Foundation\Tomcat%205.0\webapps\xkins-article\skins\forms\amazing\definition.xml...
    2005-06-16 12:23:24,031 [main] ERROR XKINS - Error Loading Definition. F:\Program%20Files\Apache%20Software%20Foundation\Tomcat%205.0\webapps\xkins-article\skins\forms\amazing\definition.xml (The system cannot find the path specified)

    The file is definitely there, but it just doesn't read it.

    Any ideas?


    • Guillermo Meyer

      Guillermo Meyer - 2005-06-20

      I think that in Xkins version 1.0.1 should be solved, but may be that definition files in in a directory with spaces (Program Files/Apache Software...). Try upgrading to Xkins 1.0.1 (just replace the xkins*.jar in the web-inf/lib dir) or deploy the example in a directory with no spaces.



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