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New XIWA Appliance

The demo server has been taken down but you can now try out a Vmware appliance. In addition to being setup for a demo you could use it as your own server in a pilot project or even as a production server. The appliance is in the downloads section.

Posted by JT Moree 2007-06-16

stable 2.0.1 release--finally!

Finally made stable release of 2.0 branch. Most of the system has been rewritten. This branch has been in production at a few sites for about a year. The new interfaces for data entry are quirky. They need to be reworked again but they are better than the old interfaces.

I recommend that you try the demo first (http://demo.pcxperience.org/). If you like the package and want to try it out, use debian and install with apt from our repositories (http://pcxperience.org/ for details). Manually install is possible but it's even more tedious than using apt.)

Posted by JT Moree 2007-04-28

2.0 Demo online

The demo has been updated to the 2.0.0 code base. https://demo.pcxperience.org. Release will come as soon as some issues are worked out with supporting libraries.

Posted by JT Moree 2006-09-08

1.6 beta demo online

There is a demo of the new xiwa online. This will become 2.0 when it is released because almost everything has been rewritten from scratch.


Posted by JT Moree 2006-04-05

1.5.1 bugfix

We have released 1.5.1 with bugfixes and api changes for dependencies. Nothing big has changed but have been rewriting most of the system over the last year. Watch for the revamped release early next year.

Posted by JT Moree 2005-12-05

1.5.0 release

Finally! we have released another version. There are a few bugfixes and features (mostly watchlists) added. We have moved to using Debian instead of RedHat. You can point to our debian repositorys here:
deb http://www.pcxperience.org/apt/debian stable/
deb-src http://www.pcxperience.org/apt/debian stable/

There is also unstable for the development releases. Just replace stable with unstable to use it.... read more

Posted by JT Moree 2004-03-19

1.4.1 released

It has been a long time but we have been slowly improving the system. This version boasts a brand new interface! It makes navigation easier and printing a little nicer. The reporting engine has been broken into separate files. Of course there are bug fixes but there will always be plenty of those.

Posted by JT Moree 2003-06-05

XIWA 1.4.0 is out!

XIWA 1.4.0 has been released. There are quite a few bug fixes in this version. The next version will be 1.5.0 since the database will be changing.

Check the Changelog entries for more detail.

Posted by Jason A. Pattie 2001-12-21

1.4.0 Beta 4

This will become release 1.4.0 unless major bugs show up in the next few weeks. We want to start working on feature enhancements next (including XML). Also, there will soon be a reworked interface.

Posted by JT Moree 2001-11-28

XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting) Beta 3

XIWA (zee' wuh) is a web based accounting package built with Perl and postgreSQL. It supports Double Entry, Stocks, and a Powerfull, Flexible Reporting Engine.

Almost ready for 1.4.0. This is a stable release but we would like to fix a few bugs. Update your dependencies to the latest versions also (i.e. DBI, DBD-Pg, etc.)

Posted by JT Moree 2001-11-12

XIWA (XIWA Is Web Accounting): beta2!

XIWA (zee' wuh) is a web based accounting package built with Perl and postgreSQL. It supports Double Entry, Stocks, and a Powerfull, Flexible Reporting Engine.

fixed database creation scripts (and other). Release beta2...announcing to the world.

Posted by JT Moree 2001-10-04

Beta Updates

If you were having problems getting your database created in the beta, please get appinstall.pl from the CVS repository /xiwa/install/scripts/appinstall.pl and manually put it in /usr/lib/pcx_portal/xiwa so that you use it. This references the database with the correct name.

Also, to be able to do any of the QIF Imports, etc. that use file uploads you will need to update to the latest version of the HTMLObject (2.10) so that this works. The next version of the PCX Portal will have this as a requirement, etc.... read more

Posted by James A. Pattie 2001-10-02

First Beta of XIWA available

This beta provides the first (and fairly stable) release of the XIWA accounting application. XIWA does rely on the PCX Portal which you can obtain from http://pcxportal.sourceforge.net.

Posted by Jason A. Pattie 2001-09-12

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