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The bugtracking system now has a few categories
so that it's possible to actually use it. Whee.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-12

Coming soon..

0.8.1 will have a commented example of using
the new GUI, and hopefully enough little gadgets
to be more usable. Menus will be in, and there
might be pie-menus and cross-menus (you know
the sort if you've played enough console games..)
based on them.

I'll do something about quit-handling, too. The wrapping
around SDL will be a bit more complete once you
can pass in a pointer to the variable you're watching
to know when to quit..

Posted by Anonymous 2002-10-12

Win32 port done

It all compiles, and graphical bits work. I need a
working Vorbis implementation to make my own
SDL_mixer compile on Win32, but in theory, all is
well with this port.

The CVS will soon be put in the attic, and the
current codebase chucked in, along with documentation.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-30

Port: Win32

It seems easier now. I've reduced the number of errors
from hundreds to one. Yes, one. And a few warnings,
one of which is definitely nothing to worry about.

Win32 lacks getcwd() and chdir(), but there are two
counterparts in its API; chdir() returns BOOL, so a few
changes will be required.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-27

0.6.3: String tokenisers

Replacement for strtok() and strtok_r() now in xitools. Enjoy.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-09-13

0.6.0 - The Less Than Completely Broken Edition

The old preferences system was really broken. It's been rewritten from scratch,
with a clean interface. It's about 60% the size (source-wise) of the old one,
and that is with documentation tags.

New documentation is in the html directory in the base directory.

Ah, read the sodding Changes file ;)
Both of you users.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-07-22

Long overdue update

Release 0.3.5, which actually isn't the latest :/
Once I've merged the new diffs from SON, I'll put up
the 0.3.6 release (finally).

Works towards 0.4.x, with more map tools might begin soon.

Posted by Anonymous 2002-03-20

Memory leak

Release 0.3.3 fixes a memory leak introduced by
making 0.3.2 in the middle of the night.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-12-19

Bugfix release

The cgi_include() call had a nasty bug; it forgot to make a
NULL-terminator after the included text.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-15

User survey

I've put up a survey in case there are any users:
(Yes, you must be logged in to use surveys on SF)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-15


Xiqual now has a CGI and cookie library. Like
someone said: It'll take over the world soon..

Work on the CGI part not quite done yet: Getting the
cookies you set, form-related bits. I've got cramps,
RSI and other ailments, but the monkeys are
pressuring me to finish this thing.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-08


Yes, the Xiqual libraries are now easier than ever to
use :)

xiqual-config --cflags
xiqual-config --libs --gfx --tools
I'll fix the --version flag later.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-11-01


It seems I found a reason to squeeze in some more
Amiga-style functionality ;)
Now adding functions to handle taglists - this saves a
bit of space in functions, and you will basically have
just one unchanging API with new tags defined as I
need them. Also split up the IFF code into separate
files for each function, as this saves space in final
binaries that won't use all functions.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-30

Portability fixes

Xiqual Tools now compiles and runs on many systems
with GCC installed:
Linux on PPC, Sparc and x86
FreeBSD 4.3 on x86
MacOS X 10.1 on PPC

I've merely bumped the release up to 0.2.3, because
adding portability is just a bugfix.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-27

IFF subforms

Reading and writing of one layer of subforms is now
possible. I don't think I need any more than that.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-26


Yes, I'm starting to put some documentation into CVS
now and then :)

Not much yet, but I'll document all the functions I have
finished so far.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-25


Now added into the libxigfx library. Finally there's
enough code to do something :)

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-25


The first release of this library merely contains a few
functions to load/free an IFF font and display text to
SDL surfaces with it. Very basic.

A makefont utility is included with sparse documentation.
I'll be looking at Doxygen support for Xiqual sometime
later, probably.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-23

IFF IDs/types fixed

The functions iff_goodID() and iff_goodtype() are now
entirely compliant with the official specs. A few fixes
remain, plus some improvement on the parser system as
a whole. It will be like the Amiga's IFFParse.library at
some stage.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-21

IFF writing

The basic functionality of the iffparser is now ready.
It is fully functional for our immediate purposes, but
it doesn't handle all types of IFF; nested FORMs still
remains to be implemented. Some documentation might
be added, too.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-19


The utility library libxitools has been committed to CVS.
IFF parsing is still being implemented, but should not
take too long.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-18

IFF specs

As a first sign of activity, I've posted the specifications
for the EA IFF 85 standard. IFF is a venerable old
format invented back in the Amiga days, and even used
in recent days in various mutated forms.
As far as I can tell from the documentation, EA have
approved this spec as entirely Public Domain.

Posted by Anonymous 2001-09-18

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