I've been looking for a framework that will easily allow non-developers to define web services.  Having read through the site and docs, I do have some questions. I may have missed some of the information so I apologize for not being as diligent as I could be.

Anyway, here are my questions:
Firstly, I assume that one function is defined per fnc file?
Secondly, and more importantly, is there any way to add additional elements to the function block and be able to use those in the function definition? I'll provide an example below.
Thirdly, is it possible to override the definition of the generated java file for the function?

To try and illustrate the 2nd and 3rd points, we are looking to publish web services that can be easily satisfied with sql queries. I'm thinking that a function definition like that below would allow me to meet these requirements. Obviously with open source, I can do it myself - but I don't want to reinvent the wheel!

Thanks for any insight.


<function name="MyFunction" rcsversion="$Revision: 1.2 $" rcsdate="$Date: 2004/08/05 12:30:37 $">
<description>A simple sql functionexample.</description>
      <param name="gender" required="true" type="gender">
      <resultcode-ref name="NoVowel" />
      <param name="msg" required="true" type="_text">
         <description>Return msg</description>
<!-- example internal processing -->
      <sql-command>select 'Hello ' || title || '${
personLastName} of ' || dept from employees where lastname=${personLastName}