Hello Michael,

 Indeed there is no compound types in XINS. The closest type would be _xml.
 But there is also the possibility to submit RFE (Request For Enhancements) on Sourceforge.

Best regards,

2009/12/20, Michael van Rooyen <michael@babel.co.za>:

> hello,
> just a quick unproved answer from me as a user.
> i think there are no compound types implemented in xins. the reason is
> in my eyes that the xins model
> just uses the basic subset of datastructures that any of the supported
> interfaces like json or xmlrpc
> supports natively.
> i may be wrong but as a rule of thumb i advise you to study the dtd
> specifications as they sometimes hint
> you to undocumented functionality and quickly clear up some thoughts.
> to work around such issues i normally write my own xslt scripts which
> can transform ones personal
> syntax to the xins syntax in some special cases and therefore hold the
> possibilty to create custom shortcuts
> without alter the framework and loosing the possibilty to upgrade to
> future versions.
> cheers,
> sebastian
Thanks for the response.  I will continue to dig deeper to figure out
what's possible, but it will be a pity if XINS does not support this -
it seems to be such a great framework in other respects.  I had a quick
look in the DTD for definition of user-defined types, but the <data>
element does not appear to be allowed in there.

Since it defines its own meta data format, there's nothing stopping XINS
from allowing one to define and reuse high level types.  It already does
this for simple user defined types (like the email address in the pet
store example), but I haven't seen examples of a type definition that
contains a structure consisting of a number of attributes or nested
structures.  This is important for any OO application.  Although simple
transports may not support meta-data definitions, it will of course
still be possible to send the compound data over the wire and it would
be great (really essential for me) to be able to represent the compound
types (objects) in WSDL so that they are well defined / documented and
can be reused.

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