For your information XINS 1.0.0 release candidate  3  has been release. This is probably the lastest release candidate before XINS 1.0.0 final.
* Generation of specification documentation:
  - Fixed bug #1064487: The function name is not written in the examples.
* XINS/Java Client Framework:
  - Removed log message which previously had the ID 2101, since it did not add
    any information. Previously it was logged right after a call was
    performed, whether it was successful or not. Replaced it by a log message
    that indicates that a successful XINS result was received. This message
    previously had ID 2111, but it was never actually logged. Now it is, but
    on 2101. The ID 2111 is now used for a new log message for unexpected
    exceptions caught while calling the XINS service.
  - Removed log message with ID 2107 (XINS result received, status code is
    considered acceptable) since it not considered useful.
  - Now actually logging message 2109 (Unrecognized I/O error while calling
    XINS service).
  - Fixed bug #1063672 (XINS call logging: Only first failure is
    logged). Each individual failure is now logged, per target.
  - Unified translations in the 21xx range.
  - Changed level of the following log messages to WARNING:
    . 2102 (was INFO);
    . 2103 (was INFO);
    . 2104 (was INFO);
    . 2105 (was INFO);
    . 2106 (was INFO);
    . 2108 (was INFO);
    . 2109 (was NOTICE);
    . 2110 (was NOTICE);
    . 2111 (was INFO);
    . 2112 (was INFO).
  - Added log message 2113: XINS call request completely failed.
* XINS/Java Common Library:
  - Changed the level of all Logdoc messages in the 'service' group to DEBUG.
    Proper logging is the responsibility of the ServiceCaller subclass and
    corresponding classes.
  - Changed UnexpectedExceptionCallException constructor: The 'cause' argument
    is now mandatory.

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