Yes, there is a bug in XINS 1.3.0 that prevents the SOAP calling convention to work with Tomcat. This problem was fixed in the XINS 1.4.0-beta3 release.
 Please, try with XINS 1.4.0-rc2 which was released this morning and tell me if you still have the problem.
Best regards,
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Subject: RE: [Xins-users] Using XINS with SOAP

I ran the example from the User Guide and it does work when the client used "" as the TargetDescriptor. Since I wanted to call it using soap convention, I added <calling-convention name="_xins-soap" /> in the impl.xml yet the url generated when running the test form is
which means it still used  _xins-std.
I entered in a browser the above URL replacing _xins-std with _xins-soap but I got HTTP Status 400. I also tried in my client code a TargetDescriptor "" yet I received a MalFormedURLException.
I have no idea where to specifcy the parameter ?_convention=_xins-soap. I used tomcat 5.5.16. Is there anything else I need to do aside from those mentioned in the User Guide?
If there is a XINS sample code that used SOAP or some available references about XINS/SOAP please inform me. This is my first project with SOAP.
Thank you so much.

Anthony Goubard <anthony.goubard@nl.wanadoo.com> wrote:
 The SOAP protocol has been tested with Sun package, PHP and some softwares.
 My guess (as the description of the problem is very vague) is that you haven't added the parameter ?_convention=_xins-soap in your endpoint.
 Here is a screenshot that shows that it works:
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Subject: [Xins-users] Using XINS with SOAP

Hi All,
I can't call my web service using SOAP protocol. There was no availble articles yet about XINS/SOAP as it is still a planned feature. Please help ...
Thanks a lot!

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