Hi Xins users,

 I've just released XINS 3.1-alpha3.

 Most of the time in web services, methods are used to  get information from a remote system (e.g. database, legacy system).
 Also most of the time the information is the same as previous requests. E.g. Top 100 most popular products or the currently logged in users.
 This XINS release introduces 2 features that will prevent unneeded requests for this kind of request.

 * Cacheable functions: Now you can specified that the result of a function can be cached on the client side for a specific number of seconds. As it uses HTTP standard this will also work in the browser. For the java client side you can use the CachingHttpClient which also has plug-ins for ehcache and memcache for more advanced caching (such as shared caching).
   This can be used when data is not often updated and when the accuracy of the data is not critical. (e.g. product description)
 * Not modified result: sometimes even though the data is not often updated, the data will remain the same. Now the API can also return a NotModifiedResult won't send content back (just HTTP 304). 
 * More details errors are returned to the client when something goes wrong. New error codes: _FunctionNotSpecified, _FunctionNotFound,  _InvalidRequestFormat, _NotAllowed, _DisabledAPI. Also now the errors come with content using the calling convention.
 * New calling convention for JSON-RPC 2.0


Kind regards,
Anthony Goubard