Hi All!
It seems that XINS expects UNICODE input format and converts it to native java format (UTF-8).
By modifying
class: org.xins.server.APIServlet
in function public void service(ServletRequest  request, ServletResponse response)
add "request.setCharacterEncoding("UTF-8");" , japanese characters can be sent using capi ( client jar ) classes and using the TEST FORMS from generated specdocs, but it still won't work when called from the browser which uses Shift-JIS format.
Please advice us how to modify XINS encoding to accepts Japanese fonts.
thanks a lot!
On 5/24/06, neil jotojot <njotojot@gmail.com> wrote:

Hi All!

We want our application to accept japanese characters as input but we observed that the input from the browser is shiftJIS format while from capi is UTF-8. What can we do in our application such that it can accept Japanese characters?

Thanks a lot for the help.