You need to define _xins-soap as the (default) calling convention.

See the manual for more information.


Op 21 dec. 2012 om 10:07 heeft fazakas peter <fazakaspeter@yahoo.com> het volgende geschreven:

I have another question. I advance I just want to say that I am newbie in XINS. 

I created a web service (following the User-guide) and used the CAPI generated by XINS in a java project.
When I call the remote function(Ex. callTheBestPercentage("5") ) the server outputs a message: 

[java] 3521 INFO Received HTTP POST request from, path is "/mutationtest/", query string is (null).
[java] 3523 INFO Unable to process HTTP POST request from, path is "/mutationtest/", query string is (null). Returning HTTP status code              
404. Reason: "Cannot determine which function to invoke.".
[java] org.xins.server.FunctionNotSpecifiedException: Function not specified in incoming request.

If i try in a browser: 


than, it works. It returns the wanted page.

This is the code snipet from the java project:

TargetDescriptor descriptor;
descriptor = new TargetDescriptor("http://localhost:8080/mutationtest/", 20000);
CAPI project = new CAPI(descriptor);

TheBestPercentageResult result = project.callTheBestPercentage("5");
System.out.println("Best result: " + result.getBestresult());

I don't know what I am doing wrong.

Could please someone help me?


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