i found the cause for the error i recently posted. my mail is awaiting approval from the moderator right now.

the problem was, that my api could not be build because of javac wasn't able to locate the package org.xins.... with the error message

/Users/sebas/Workspace/InterNetworX/Xerver/build/java-capi/contact/com/inwx/xerver/contact/capi/UpdateRequest.java:512: cannot find symbol
    [javac] symbol  : variable xins
    [javac] location: class java.lang.String
    [javac]       if (!org.xins.common.types.standard.Int32.SINGLETON.isValidValue(id)) {
    [javac]               ^

the cause of the error is that i have a parameter of type String that is named "org" and therefore the packagename is interpreted as variable.

as a workaround i changed the name of the parameter (what i'm not actually willing to, but it's ok)

sebastian heyden