Anthony Goubard - 2008-07-10

I've just released XINS 2.2-alpha2. This release contains a few improvements and some bug fixes.

What's new:
* New _xml type for sending XML values.
* Added option to follow HTTP redirect response.
* Improved compatibility with .Net for the generated WSDL.
* Improved some logs.
* Bug fixes and small RFEs

All changes:

* XINS/Java Common Library:
  - The fromString should throw the same TypeValueException as fromStringImpl.
  - The check of the value is done in fromStringImpl.
  - Added possibility for the HTTPServiceCaller to follow redirections.
  - Improved documentation of HTTPServiceCaller.
  - Added _xml simple type.
  - RFE 1863102: Make HTTPServiceCaller use controlTimeOut.

* XINS/Java Server Framework:
  - Changed the way CompositeDataSupport is created for Properties in order
    to still compile with Java 6.
  - Fixed the way the percentage used statistics is computed.
  - RFE 2009573: Improve log message 3583.
  - RFE 2013460: Generate diagnostic context identifier if an invalid one is

* XINS/Java Client Framework:
  - Added possibility for the XINSServiceCaller to follow redirections.

* Generation of server-side Java code:
  - Forward the details of the TypeValueException in the generated

* Generation of the WSDL:
  - Added name attribute to input and output elements for better .Net
  - Added <soapbind:operation soapAction="" /> for better .Net

* Generated build file:
  - Fixed incorrect comment in help target, tools target -> help-tools target.

* Logdoc:
  - Added to logs that are at FATAL level the class name and the message of the
    exception thrown if any.

* DTD:
  - Added missing em in impl.dtd.

* Other:
  - New copyright owner Online Breedband B.V.