Anthony Goubard - 2009-07-08


I've just released XINS 2.3-alpha1.

What's new: 
- Improved compatibility with Google AppEngine.
- Added new appengine command to easily deploy XINS Web Services to Google AppEngine.
- Small improvements in documentation.
- Bug fixes and small RFEs

MyProject has been deployed to Google AppEngine.
You can test it at

Best regards,

* XINS/Java Common Library:
  - Catch possible missing InetAddress class in IPAddressUtils to make API's
    compatible with Google App Engine.
  - Inner classes of ChainedMap should also be Serializable.
  - If no description is set the spec package will return "" instead of null.

* XINS/Java Server Framework:
  - Use IPAddressUtils to get the IP address for the APIManager.

* Generation of specdocs:
  - Fixed bug #1847893: Regex pattern get padded with superflous characters.

* Generation of the WSDL:
  - Fixed incorrect binding for resultcodes.
  - Fixed Incorrect indentation for input bindings.
  - Fixed Bug #2797857: Incorrect location of the SOAP binding operation.

* Tools:
  - Added appengine target to deploy in Google App Engine.

* Build- and release-process:
  - Stable version is 2.2 for maven.
  - Used ${www.url} property for xins URL for Maven mail.

* Documentation:
  - Changed install primer to with "or later" after version numbers.
  - Added small precisions to the user guide.
  - Point logo to project page as requested by Sourceforge.
  - Added section about output section possible in error codes.

* Other:
  - Added XINS indentation preferences for NetBeans in nbproject/project.xml.