Anthony Goubard - 2007-09-03

I've release XINS 2.1-beta1.

This release is a feature complete release.

The main new changes are:

    * Improved graphical user interface.
    * Added documentation on how to add Servlet filters.
    * Upgraded HttpClient to version 3.1.
    * Added Glean new tool (
    * New frontpage diagram.
    * Many bug fixes.


* XINS/Java Server Framework:
  - Replaced the name of the cookie set in the front-end CC from SessionId
    to SessionID.
  - Applied patch of RFE #1634856: Make public methods in FunctionResult throw
  - Applied patch of RFE #1634899: Refactor server so transactions are logged
    in one place.
  - Fixed include of other runtime properties files.
  - Fixed loading remote runtime properties on Windows.

* XINS/Java Common Library:
  - Improved specification GUI and test form.
  - Added getDefault() method to ParameterSpec to get the specified default
    value of the parameter or attribute if any.
  - Added a regular expression log filter to the Console GUI.
  - Added new method getDescription() to Type and to the standard types.
  - Improved XML Viewer to print doctype declaration.
  - Specification GUI: no indentation if the meta function called is _WSDL.
  - Specification GUI: Name of the API displayed as header.
  - Specification GUI: Fixed meta function _CheckLinks instead of
  - TestFormPanel: Improved layout, default value displayed, background color
    if the value is invalid, and much more.
  - Added tool to test regular expression with the SpecGUI.
  - Do not output namespace for attributes in XML Element if already done.

* Generation of client-side Java code:
  - Fixed if the input data element contained another data element the 'add'
    method was not generated.

* Generation of the Java types:
  - Implemented getDescription() method for all defined types.

* Generation of web.xml:
  - Added a comment on where to apply Servlet filters. Servlet filters can be
    used for example for compression, authentication, encryption or auditing.

* Generated unit tests:
  - Added default Log4J configuration.

* Generated WebStart file:
  - Added more comments.
  - Added XSLT used to generate the WebStart file to the release.

* Generated build file:
  - Fixed error when generating WAR file for an API with categories.
  - Fixed incorrect directory specified for the javadoc-test-<api name> target.
  - Fixed the logdoc properties should be passed as parameters to <antcall>.

* Tools:
  - Added new tool "glean" that generates the Glean report for an API.
    More information about Glean at

* Tests:
  - Added test for the include of other runtime properties files.
  - Added test for the _xins-soap-map calling convention.
  - Added test for the ACL based on calling convention.

* Librairies:
  - Upgraded Commons HttpClient from 3.0.1 to 3.1.

* Examples:
  - Fixed the rest API did not compile.

* Documentation:
  - New front-end page for the web site.