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Embedding XINS web service into existing app

Steve Hale
  • Steve Hale

    Steve Hale - 2009-07-01

    I'm just getting started with XINS so bare with this newbie question.  XINS generates a war file for deployment to a servlet container (like Tomcat), thus having its own JVM instance so all classes necessary to implement the service would need to be in the war file.  Suppose II have an existing servlet application based on MVC design pattern, where several model objects follow a singleton pattern and encapsulate tons of "stuff" including in-memory caching for performance.  Can an XINS generated service be embedded in an existing app (ie JVM instance) rather than being a standalone war?

    • Ernst de Haan

      Ernst de Haan - 2009-07-02

      Good question.

      Sure, that's possible. Just make sure the classes end up in the right WAR file and instruct the servlet container to activate the XINS servlet for certain URLs:

      At runtime, XINS is in fact just a regular servlet.

      Note that while all classes end up in the WAR file, there is a separate XINS target for generating just the classes:

         xins classes-api-APINAME

      then check out the generated class files under:


      Hope this helps,




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