• anony-moose

    anony-moose - 2011-11-22

    If you have something to say I'd like to hear it.

  • Clint Worwood

    Clint Worwood - 2012-03-01

    This program has been very useful to me, and I would like to say thank you very much.

    Do you think you could add some more documentation to the project?

    I would love to learn how you figured out how to access the xbox 360 controller (the process you went through).

  • Clint Worwood

    Clint Worwood - 2012-03-02

    It would be nice to have a doc describing how to setup the build environment for this application (I've got it pretty much figured out, but I'm sure there are people who would like to be able to make custom builds of this that maybe aren't familiar with Visual Studio or Boost, or QT). Also, I noticed that there are some files missing in the svn trunk that are referenced in the project, so if you could look into that it would be much appreciated.

  • anony-moose

    anony-moose - 2012-12-17

    I've made some project changes and added a folder on building it.

  • Paul Nickerson

    Paul Nickerson - 2014-04-08

    Key bindings are hard coded and not documented. So here's the map I figured out:

    Left-Thumb Left: A
    Left-Thumb Right: D
    Left-Thumb Up: W
    Left-Thumb Down: S
    X: R
    A: Spacebar
    Y: Left Alt (Menu) Key
    B: Left Shift
    Left Shoulder: V
    Right Shoulder: Q
    Left-Thumb Press: C
    Right-Thumb Press: E
    Start: Escape
    Back: Backspace
    Left Trigger: Right Mouse Button
    Right Trigger: Left Mouse Button
    D-pad Left: C
    D-pad Down: X
    D-pad Up: F
    D-pad Right: Rapid Left Mouse Button

  • TheRevenant

    TheRevenant - 2014-06-09

    Just wanted to thank everyone who helped write this program, I recently switched over to PC gaming and subsequently sold my consoles. Shortly thereafter I developed tendinitis in several fingers in both my right and left hand making a mouse and keyboard nearly unusable. So thank you this has made things much easier on me. I do have a question though, I only had a PS3 controller remaining after selling my consoles so I've been running an emulator in conjunction with this program. It seems to be causing some kind of repeat when I for instance attempt to jump, I will hit the button once but it will happen multiple times. Would this be hardware related or could I fix it?

  • violinwarlord

    violinwarlord - 2015-03-01

    Is it possible to change how Xinmapper binds the keys? I want to bind the left bumper to mouse wheel scroll up and the right bumper to mouse wheel scroll down.

  • CrazyCactuaR

    CrazyCactuaR - 2015-04-21

    Personal thank you for this as it's saved me having to buy a wireless keyboard and mouse for using the TV as a monitor.

    Random question that would make this perfect for me.

    Is it possible at all to bind a temporary disable of using the pad, the reason behind this is that it creates key conflicts when using Steam's support for games.

    So the idea would be to press Start + Select and it would disable xinmapper from doing it's magic until Start + Select is selected again, This would allow me to poke around the desktop using the controller as a mouse and be able to happily support Steam games without conflicting the different keys.

    Thank you if consider adding this.


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