#6 Better Matroska support


Hello there,

Matroska support in xineliboutput misses two major functions in my eyes:

1. In the audio and subtitle track listing, you see only the tracks language, but not its name. For example, MKV supports audio tracks like this one (excerpts from mkvtools-text):

| + A track
| + Track number: 4
| + Track UID: 1666165211
| + Track type: audio
| + Enabled: 1
| + Codec ID: A_AAC
| + Language: eng
| + Name: Director's Comments
| + Audio track

It would be great, if the actual name would be shown in the UI, not just the language (the file in question has three english audio tracks). Mabye some "English - Director's Comments" like formatting could be made, instead of the terse "eng" you get currently.

2. Support for Chapters

MKV Chapter support would be greate to work like in the DVD player.


  • Petri Hintukainen

    That should be easy to add if xine-lib supports chapters in matroska files.

  • Petri Hintukainen

    • status: open --> pending
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    • status: pending --> closed
  • Petri Hintukainen

    • status: closed --> open

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