4:2:2 Video problem

  • ilcalmo

    ilcalmo - 2008-04-17

    I installed VDR-1.6.0 and xineliboutput-1.0.0_rc2_p20080120-r1 on Gentoo and also latest VDR with xineliboutput-1.0.0 from sources.

    The plugins works correctly with normal channels, but when I tune a channel in 4:2:2 format (usually feeds for services) vdr-sxfe exits, leaving the messages (latest 15 lines):

    video_out_xv: VO_PROP_ZOOM_X = 100
    [31754] [vdr-fe]    closing post plugin: upmix
    [31754] [vdr-fe]    closing post plugin: autocrop
    [31754] [vdr-fe]    opening post plugin: pp:quality=0,mode=de
    [31754] [xine-post]   * enable post pp --> not found, no action
    [31754] [xine-post]   * loading post pp:quality=0,mode=de
    [31754] [xine-post]     loaded plugins (type 1.0): pp
    [31754] [xine-post]   * enable post pp --> found, enabled
    [31754] [xine-post]         wiring         pp[out] -> [in]video_out
    [31754] [xine-post]         wiring     stream[out] -> [in]pp
    [31754] [vdr-fe]    Post plugin pp loaded and wired
    [31754] [vdr-fe]    closing post plugin: unsharp
    [31754] [vdr-fe]    closing post plugin: denoise3d
    [31756] [input_vdr] H.264 scanner: Possible MPEG2 start code PICTURE (0x00)
    bad extension

    In the plugin options inside VDR I enabled for xineliboutput, using ffmpeg vith quality level=0

    If I use vdr-softdevice with ShmClient I see the channel, but almost in black and white with some spot of colors, but I can see correctly.

    I tried also the latest version from sources compiled in VDR (from sources also) but I get the same problem.

    I would like to use this plugin for a standalone vdr box starting in fullscreen.

    Thanks and regards.

    *ps the same channels with win$xp, dvbdream and elecard codec works correctly!

    • ilcalmo

      ilcalmo - 2008-05-12

      Update: vlc playes correctly the channel, but without OSD (I already knew!). That means a problem on the client side (vdr-sxfe).

      My command line for vlc is just: vlc http://localhost:3000/PES/Cannel_num...

      Thanks and regards.


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