Picture freezes switching to first channel

  • Andreas Saur

    Andreas Saur - 2007-09-24

    dunno whether it's a feature request nor a bug report, so here I go right here:

    I'm using RC2 and I'm quite happy with this version. Only thing is when switching VDR to the very first channel, the picture freezes for about 30secs. Afterwards I've got a normal operation again. I didn't had this with the RC1, neither I do have it w/o xineliboutput at all.
    Any ideas how I can provide some logs on this?
    And don't get me wrong, but is there a way to speed up the channel switching a bit?

    Thanks for this software, I like it!!


    • decembersoul

      decembersoul - 2008-01-21

      The problem is that vdr will get the time from the first channel.
      xineliboutput seem's to have problems with clock changes while processing

      • Theunis

        Theunis - 2008-02-13

        I have also noted this when I run ntpdate to synchronize with time server.


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