#57 vanishing osd

CVS head

since some versions ago (cant remember which version exactly) i got some problems with an vanishing osd
after hours i get this error :

write_osd_command: socket buffer full, OSD send skipped

and the osd is gone :(

i found this :

/* #warning TODO: buffer latest failed OSD and retry
-> skipped OSDs can be left out but
latest will be always delivered */

i dont know if there is any relation to (my) vanishing osd.
but i dont know what to do.
my wife is beating me every evening because of that .... help!


  • Whonose

    Whonose - 2011-01-09

    Yes, i confirmed this Problem

  • Holger Reichelt

    Holger Reichelt - 2011-01-09

    Confirmed! Very annoying bug with recent versions. Does not occur with vdr-plugin-xine and xine-ui compiled against same version of libxine. Only vdr-plugin-xineliboutput and vdr-sxfe are affected.

  • flo h

    flo h - 2011-01-11

    Yes, confirmed! Very annoying

  • Petri Hintukainen

    Is this related only to OSD, or does video freeze too ?
    Maybe client is not reading OSD data fast enough. You could try following workaround in frontend_svr.c , function write_osd_command() :

    - if(max > 0 && max < MIN(size, 32768)) {
    + if(0) {

    > http://vdrportal.de/board/thread.php?postid=969843#post969843
    > Jan 12 13:07:56 zotac vdr: [1611] [xine..put] cxSocket: setsockopt(SO_SNDBUF): got 2048 bytes

    In this case setting socket buffers fails for some reason. Maybe this is kernel and/or network configuration problem ... ? Are you all using the same distribution (yavdr ?) ? If this happens always when first OSD should be shown, the same workaround should help here too.

  • Holger Schvestka

    - if(max > 0 && max < MIN(size, 32768)) {
    + if(0) {

    this works perfect for me !
    same for holgerrr as he told me !

  • Petri Hintukainen

    • milestone: --> CVS head
    • assigned_to: nobody --> phintuka
    • status: open --> closed-fixed
  • Petri Hintukainen

    Should be fixed in CVS.


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