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active developers

main xine programming

  Guenter Bartsch <>

various suggestions, bug and build fixes, alsa plugin, gui 

  Daniel Caujolle-Bert <>

teletux/syncfb video output module, various bugfixes/reviews, alsa

  Joachim Koenig <>

libac3/libmpeg2 developement

  Michael Lespinasse <>

Debian package, user support

  Siegfried Langauf <>

xine is using

  mpeg2dec - a free MPEG-2 video stream decoder
  libac3   - a free AC3 audio stream decoder
    Written by Aaron Holtzman <>

  libmpg123 - a free MPEG audio decoder
    Written by Michael Hipp <>


  many thanks to the Linux Video and DVD Project "LiViD"
  (, where the original ideas for the xine
  video player came from.

  Alan Cox
    bug fixes, net-input-plugin

  many thanks for those great skins to
  Alexander G. Rubio <>

  Steffen Lorscheider <>
    gui programming

  Heiko Schaefer <>
    FreeBSD support, project administration, testing, ideas   

  Marc Bufe <>
    web design

  Paul Flinders <>
    stdin/net plugin testing/bugfixes, audio downsampling

  Hugo Trippaers <>
    Xinerama support

  Roland Barmettler <>
    NTSC aspect ratio patches

  nakamura <>
    Liner PCM patch

  Joachim Koenig <>
    teletux/syncfb video output module, various bugfixes/reviews, alsa

  w32codec support is based on work from:

  Christian Bauer <>
    gui bugfixes (wm support, clean exit)

  Bruno Schwander <> and
  Soren Schmidt <>
    input_vcd code for FreeBSD

  Rich Wareham <>
    subtitle support

  Christoph Pittracher <>
    pitt skin

  Dave Gilbert <>
    alpha support

  Bastien Nocera <>
    powerpc patch

  James Courtier-Dutton <>
    AC3 direct out via spdif on oss

  Juergen Keil <>
    solaris port and other bugfixes

  Philip Stadermann <>
    arts audio server support

  Eduard Hasenleithner <>
    dxr3 support

  Matthias Hopf <>
    IRIX port

  JÚr˘me Villette <>
    'xinetic' skin.

  (let us know if we've forgotten anyone)