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  * Fixed opening file using menus
  * Fixed exit on panel close
  * Fixed deadlocks
  * Fixed segfault at exit
  * Fixed keymap editor deadlock

xine-ui (0.99.7) unstable; urgency=low

  * Support for comments in .m3u playlists
  * Avoid possible overflows when handling media marks & M3U files.
  * Fixes for libpng 1.5 and header checking.
  * xine-bugreport uses $TMPDIR.
  * Spanish translation update from Carlos E. Robinson M.
  * Czech translation update.
  * Use only ASCII for "picture" texts in skin.
  * Fix of the help texts encoding.
  * Avoid a deadlock in the tooltips code.
  * Set combo box menu windows' override-redirect flags.
  * MRL browser recognises a few more extensions.
  * Fix LIRC library detection (build time).
  * Fix a segfault which prevented the display of the help window.
  * Make building of fbxine optional (--with-fb; enabled by default).
  * "ToggleFullscreen" command takes an optional numeric parameter,
    controlling whether full-screen mode is switched on or off.
  * New command "Close".
  * Rename default.avi to default.mpv since it's actually an MPEG.
  * Replace the splash .mpv with a PNG (from xine-lib).
  * Support use of JPEG images for splash etc.
  * Make use of XScreenSaver.
  * Set dialogue windows' maximum sizes.
  * Fix LIRC check so that it doesn't fail if liblircclient0.pc (which is
    Debian-specific) is missing.
  * Recognise "authentication needed" messages from xine-lib 1.2.
  * Handle "file is empty" messages from xine-lib.
  * Use re-entrant XML parser functions (if available).
  * Distribute xine_splash.xcf (source for xine_splash.png).
  * Tidy up building of common function libraries; ensure all replacement
    function sources are distributed.
  * xine.desktop now says that xine can accept files or URLs.

xine-ui (0.99.6) unstable; urgency=low

  * Use pkg-config only; xine-config is deprecated.
  * Fix build with libpng 1.4.
  * Fix build on Mac OS X.
  * Fix segfaults caused by our getline() (only used if no system getline()).
  * Add front-end support for .ass subtitles.
  * Point xine-bugreport at the current bugs list; note the bug tracker URL.
  * Disable character substitution code (xine bug 30). Let's see what breaks...
  * Set menu windows' override-redirect flag (xine bug 24)
  * Automatically load opensubtitle-like filenames <name>.*.<subext>
  * New/updated spanish manpage translations from Carlos E. Robinson
  * Fixed possible corruption and overflow of keybindings table
  * Mark the toolbar window as such; should fix control panel visibility issues
    in full-screen mode with some window managers. [bug SF 1750100]
  * New command/keybinding from Richard van Paasen:
    "PVRSetFrequency" changes frequency on ivtv cards (input_pvr).
  * Install a shared-mime-info entry for .tox files, contributed by
    Peter Fox in bug #10.
  * New commands/keybindings from Richard van Paasen:
    "PVRSetInput" changes input on ivtv cards (input_pvr);
    "PVRSetMark", "PVRSetName", "PVRSave" enable saving
    of live streams from ivtv cards (input_pvr).
  * New command/keybinding from Richard van Paasen:
    "SetPosition100%" jumps to end of stream.
  * Recognize .rmvb files, closes debian bug #437864.
  * Recognize .m2p files, closes debian bug #419002.
  * Fixes for stdctl race conditions, contributed by Stas Sergeev
  * Resetting the video controls restores the driver default settings
    instead of fixed center values
  * New commands/keybindings from Stas Sergeev:
    "SelectMrl" with a numeric parameter allows to select an MRL directly
    by its position number in the playlist.
    "KeyBindingsEnable" with optional numeric parameter allows to enable/disable
    the keybindings (disabled by param equal to 0, else enabled), so stdctl can
    get exclusive control over the keys with disabled bindings; this command is
    not bound to a key by default for an obvious reason (don't dare to bind) ;-)
  * Enhanced commands/keybindings with contributions from Stas Sergeev:
    "PlaylistStop" accepts a numeric parameter to set the stop state absolutely
    (continue if param equals 0, else stop) and persistent, i.e. not reset to
    "continue" after playing current stream, as opposed to the usual toggling
    without parameter; usual toggling is now also possible when no stream is
    currently played, allowing to change the selection at any time.
    "ToggleLoopMode" and "ToggleAspectRatio" accept a numeric parameter as index
    to make a direct selection from the list of their possible states
  * Stdctl enhancements and fixes from Stas Sergeev:
    Feedback messages and echoing of key presses to standard output added,
    clean exit upon closing standard input connection or quitting xine-ui,
    multiple commands in one command string handled
  * Fixed wrong locale path (introduced in previous release) and related crash
    concerning tooltips, closes debian bug #432798.
  * ASCII Art updates:
  *   fixed aalib detection in configure
  *   build with libcaca >= 0.99, fixes xine bug #50
  *   update CACA output due to changes in xine-lib
  * Various memleak and memory access fixes, for example:
  *   skin downloader crash
  *   cleaner destroy of the widgets in xine toolkit ("kamikaze patch")
  *   proper free after strsep()
  *   opening multiple times TV settings window
  * Fixed string encoding conversion, closes xine bug #14.
  * Fixed loading of playlist containing relative paths, closes xine bug #52,
    save old playlist with absolute paths on exit.
  * Fixed possible integer overflow when parsing PNG files in skins, closes
    xine bug #153.
  * Lock display on exit, xine bug #193.
  * Drag & drop race condition fixes.

xine-ui (0.99.5) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixes and enhancements ...
  * Updated language translations. Thanks to all translators
  * Handle audio amp level event. Thanks to Reinhard Nissl
  * Stdctl extensions: New command "OSDWriteText" added to display arbitrary
    text on OSD, any stdctl command can now be coded to take a numeric or
    string parameter; closes feature request #1635452. Thanks to Richard van Paasen
  * Further VDR keys added. Thanks to Reinhard Nissl
  * Fixed segfaults when appending files to playlist, current play not interrupted
    when appending files to playlist, only file name displayed in playlist dialog
    to better fit into the dialog box. Thanks to Michael Hughes for this patch
  * Harmonized appearance of non-skinned windows with more space
  * Shortcut keys unused in a particular window work transparent now,
    i.e. as configured by their key bindings
  * Added missing ESC key shortcut for exit in some windows
  * Typing corrections
  * Fixed side effects from key presses in event receiver window of key bindings editor
  * Fixed image clip/redraw problems in skin download preview
  * Fixed segfault upon trying to open skin download window when it's already open
  * Fixed timing dependent window redrawing failures
  * Fixed crash upon missing opacity lock atom for video window [bug #1573056]
  * Fixed infinite X event loop with sticky event sender window (stressed CPU and X)
  * Fixed infinite loop in file browser with unreadable directory [bug #1628791]
  * Added support for gnome screen saver
  * Fixed segfault and memleak in log viewer
  * Fixes and improvements for appearance and behaviour
  * Video window: User magnification ignored and auto-resizing on new stream
    maintained in background if not in visible windowed mode.
  * Fixed security issues related to playlist files (thanks to Chris Ries)
  * Improved positioning of menu windows and menu navigation by keyboard
  * Panel window keeps position when toggling gui visibility instead of reset to 0,0
  * OSD improvements in xitk
  * Added zoom function to fbxine (thanks to Mike Lewis <lachlanlewis@gmail.com>)
  * backtrace in debug mode in FreeBSD too
  * fixed build with different prefix from xine-lib
  * followed freedesktop standards (desktop file and icons)
  * support gapless playback while switching streams (requires xine-lib >= 1.1.1)
  * Norwegian Bokmaal translation (thanks to Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes)
  * added replacement functions for the GNU extension (fixes FreeBSD and CygWin)
    [bugs #1395139, #1393589], other portability fixes
  * fixed X_CreateGlyphCursor crash [bugs #1092498, #1235983]
  * fixed support for Xservers with shared images but without shared pixmaps (Xgl)
  * fixed aspect ratio in snapshot function
  * lock against WM/daemon-initiated opacity changes (given suitably-patched
    compositor managers and opacity-setting daemons)
  * make the configure script rely more on pkg-config, to simplify and speed up the
    checks. Add requirement of pkg-config presence.
  * bump version requirement for xine-lib to 1.1.0 and for libpng to 1.2.8.
  * fixed using window type property [bug #1534222]
  * Support libcaca 0.99.
  * Spanish translation updated by Carlos E. Robinson M.

xine-ui (0.99.4) unstable; urgency=low

  * Fixed deadlock, segfaults and mem-leaks, several other fixes and enhancements,
    can't remember details (thanks also to Marcelo Jimenez and Jakub Labath)
  * Menu to reset video controls
  * fixed menu shortcut strings allocation/freeing [bug #1223022]
  * audio post plugin support
  * use UTF-8 for Japanese locale if nl_langinfo doesn't work [bug #1096974]
  * expand tabs in post-plugin help
  * merge some osd menus from oxine
  * aspect ratio fixed for multihead setups (especially TwinView)
    [bugs #1089328, #1001702 and #989157]
  * fixed parsing post plugin parameters of type double for some locales
  * autoload subtitles with .txt extension too
  * be more POSIX-compliant (head, tail) (build fix) [bug #1172729]
  * Russian translations (thanks to Pavel Maryanov)
  * forced not loading old playlist with -P option

xine-ui (0.99.3) unstable; urgency=low

  * enlarge stream info window (required for Russian translation),
  * possibility to specify more than one playlist in command line,
  * unlock mutex before destroying (thanks to Matthias Drochner),
  * netBSD mutex locking fix,
  * cursor support implementation into xiTK,
  * use post plugins for deinterlacing,
  * fix segfault on enqueuing,
  * fix segfault on playlist deletion,
  * add non-official subtitle support into ASX playlists,
  * add get_speed in session control optarg,
  * update displayed meta information while playback is running (useful for streaming radio),
  * restore original sound volume on exit,
  * fix memory corruption with huge playlists,
  * remove obsolete "black stream hack",
  * reset screensaver after playback resume,
  * various WM layering bugs,
  * handle new UTF8 meta infos,
  * huge xiTK fixes (too long for details, check cvs log :-) )(big thanks to Hans-Dieter Kosch <hdkosch@t-online.de>),
  * Japanese translations (thanks to Tadashi Jokagi),
  * fix segfault in some case with shortcut handling (thanks to Philipp Matthias Hahn),
  * visualization switching while playback is running fix,
  * handle .pls playlist inside URL,
  * new 'b' shortcut (border visibility toggle),
  * support alpha channel in splash screen image,
  * some translations updates, BIG THANKS to the translators,
  * Merry xmas xiners.

xine-ui (0.99.2) unstable; urgency=low

  * update screensaver key faking code to avoid false triggering of the
    "sticky keys" feature on newer distros
  * fix crashes caused by tooltips
  * fix reporting of dropped frames
  * experimental feature: output video to a different display than control panel.
    set gui.video_display to the second display name, usually ":0.1" or ":1",
  * removed -funroll-all-loops from SPARC and PPC targets.
  * fix xitk trying set a window property when its atom may be undefined
  * add --disable-shm-default configure option which sets feature.shm to zero
    but keeps the shm code compiled in
  * optional interaction keys with VDR
  * command line options -A and -V are not sticky any more

xine-ui (0.99.1) unstable; urgency=low

  * errors are also reported to console if verbose mode is ON (or --bug-report),
  * fix segfault with too long actions on start (like -HHHHH....),
  * lots of xine-check updates (including security fixes),
  * fix redundant keybindings reports,
  * fix unplayable streams and loop (of death) mode,
  * all supported playlist can be downloadable,
  * fix OSD stream info for the DXR3,
  * fix lirc skeleton and '%', and 100% CPU eating when lircd quit (thanks to Christoph Bartelmus <lirc@bartelmus.de>),
  * playlist meta info scanning no more disturn playback,
  * auto buttons can be limited in skinconfig (update your already downloaded skins),
  * change and add checkbox styles (user selectable, see xitk README),
  * fix chain-reaction crashes with help and stuff,
  * shortcuts displayed in menus,
  * fix xinerama fullscreen (again),
  * fix layering (one more time),
  * "ESC" key dismiss windows,
  * fix enqueuing and new streamtuner,
  * MooSFV an Noatun playlist formats added,
  * display offsets on OSD in mm:ss.ss format,
  * add skin caching (speedup)
  * remove all skins but xinetic,
  * implement AMP muting,
  * fix xinerama-fullscreen problems with new kwin versions,
  * fix XMB failure (fallback to standart XFont usage),
  * fix skin downloader preview blanking,
  * fix alpha artefact on when changing skins,
  * show windows in taskbar when output window is hidden,
  * fix root window and windows states,
  * Xft support in xitk (thanks to Drew 'dantealiegri' Ogle <dantealiegri@umbc.edu>),
  * fix a problem with special characters in OSD for some locales,
  * display offsets on OSD in mm:ss format too, SPU offset reset,
  * enhanced ASCII art frontend for using CACA (Colored AsCii Art),
  * lot of fix, as usual.

xine-ui (0.9.23) unstable; urgency=low

  * xinerama bug fixes (very fullscreen, window position when switching from
    fullscreen to normal mode),
  * shiny new help dialog,
  * some small usability improvements,
  * fix some memleaks,
  * main menu reorg, localized,
  * new deinterlacing, it use post plugins now,
  * add --bug-report and --list-plugins option to xine-ui,
  * splash screen per skin is possible,
  * all meta infos are retrieve at the same time, when playing audio CD,
  * support new unscaled OSD (note: osd need a complete rework),
  * new playlist management command in xine-remote,
  * new "stop after this stream" feature,
  * grab streams recusively (with enqueuing and file browser),
  * fix reference mrl handling,
  * add 'loop' and two new playlist options 'first' and 'last', in
    session control,
  * fix shortcut grabber,
  * sound volume control can be sets with sound card mixer or
    software amplification,
  * add help in chain reaction window,
  * double clicking in output window is a fullscreen toggle now,
  * subtitle autoload feature added,
  * new TVout feature, using libnvtvsimple for nVIDIA cards, and
    atitvout for ATI,
  * store spu offset in toxine's playlist,
  * fix skin downloder,
  * fix support of huge playlists,
  * contextual menu popup in playlist window,
  * fix control's window sliders,
  * ton of fbxine improvments (post plugin, deinterlacing, spu,
    stream infos...),
  * bunch of other fix.

xine-ui (0.9.22) unstable; urgency=low

  * control xine and fbxine via stdin, patch from Dirk Meyer <dmeyer@tzi.de>,
  * add splash screen,
  * multibyte string support from Frantisek Dvorak,
  * reload old playlist if no MRL is given (can be turned off),
  * new widget, double box,
  * font caching and cleanups from Frantisek Dvorak,
  * change policy of created widget, all non skinned are disabled and hidden,
  * new window: post plugin chain, aka "chain reaction",
  * support gxine playlist format,
  * support new audio event from the lib,
  * fix window stacking bug while switching output modes (windowed/fullscreen),
  * don't show up mouse cursor on keyboard action,
  * network control can manage loop modes,
  * fix crash when pressing 'm' or 'n' with empty playlist

xine-ui (0.9.21) unstable; urgency=low

  * fix playlist handling bug.
  * closing an xitk window don't crash xine anymore,
  * clicking on audio/spu language in main panel popup a language selection menu,
  * use ISO639-1 to display DVD audio/spu language ('en' -> 'english'),
  * support 32 audio/spu channels,
  * --enqueue can enqueue more than one mrl,
  * get rid of completion event,
  * new error message, according to xine-lib message events,
  * fix reparent bug with KDE 3.1,
  * (re)add cfg:/ style mrls, you can change any config entry BEFORE playing any
      kind of mrl,
  * fix snapshot size bug, xine-lib don't fill meta data, so we have to
  * change behavior of number key, they aren't binded for seeking, you
      have to press 3 key for any % seek (use option below if you think that
      suck, like me),
  * new --keymap=<keymap file> option,
  * add lirc commands for hue/saturation/brightness/contrast controls,
  * improve seeking,
  * support "resume" feature with DVD playback (<ESC> key),
  * new translation: italian,
  * fix metacity layer bug,
  * new --config option,
  * fix warp jump and double click bug in widget browser,
  * fix deadlock with panel hide/show cycle,
  * playback slider don't handle keyboard events (fix seek weirdness),
  * .po updates.

xine-ui (0.9.20) unstable; urgency=low

  * hpux compilation fix.
  * aa:
  * fb:
  *   fix xine's driver initialization.
  * xitk:
  *   add get position/length in network control,
  *     (patch from Henrik (Mauritz) Johnson <henrik@spinbox.se>),
  *   support fb output,
  *   many skins updates (don't forget to update your local copies),
  *   add menu events in main menu,
  *   fix segfault with wrong DISPLAY envvar,
  *   try to handle versionless asx playlists,
  *   fix lirc exiting freeze bug,
  *   add --verbose[=level] option arg,
  *   various memleaks/bug fixes,
  *   update file browser filters,
  *   fix quit while playing crash bug, faster quit,
  *   support XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_LEVEL (shortcut/session).
  *   enabled on-the-fly changing of post plugins
       (needs at least xine-lib 1-beta10 to be safe to use)

xine-ui (0.9.19) unstable; urgency=low

  * deinterlace and aspect ratio from command line
    (patch from Dan Dennedy <dan@dennedy.org>),
  * FreeBSD compilation fixes (patch from mike@flyn.org	<mike@flyn.org>),
  * main panel don't show 00:00:00 time when stream length is unknown (streaming),
  * faster exit,
  * smil playlist parser,
  * handle new discoverer ASX playlist format (ASF <url>),
  * construct better filenames for snapshots,
  * need xine-lib beta5 (don't forward/get completion X event),
  * support reference streams (useful with Qt trailers and many wrong urls),
  * add menu widget (right click in video window),
  * reuse ~/.xine/config file,
  * new 'Ok' button in setup window (it save values and dismiss window),
  * don't display engine status (upper left corner) when the engine is already started,
  * fix XVidMode modeline deletion bug,
  * fix a problem with xinerama fullscreen which caused the fullscreen to
    occur not always on the right screens
  * do not save unsupported controls (hue, sat, etc) on config,
  * fix image controls for latest SiS driver,
  * fix root window mode (big thanks to XPenguins project, they same me a ton of
  * .po updates (thanks to ALL translators), usual various bugfixes.

xine-ui (0.9.18) unstable; urgency=low

  * aaxine use post plugin for video less streams.
  * support spu offset tunning,
  * 'newbie mode' has been renamed 'smart mode', it seems some people,
    found this mode name quite offending (but they was wrong!),
  * add linux fb frontend from Fredrik Noring <noring@nocrew.org>,
  * add session control support,
  * support again text subtitle in mrl (::<sub file>),
  * ask user when duplicate shortcuts are found,
  * add subtitle field in mediamark editor, add shortcut to select,
    a subtitle file at runtime,
  * implement subtitle support (thanks Miguel) with new xine API,
  * fix start time and playlist start function,
  * fix abort case with tab widget (size == 0),
  * implement skin preview,
  * fix crash bug with download feature,
  * more support for mouse wheel,
  * clicking in time label will show remaining time (and tips show full time length),
  * re-add unsupported codec reports,
  * change some default value, made beginners life easier,
  * some newbie mode enhancements,
  * fix OSD placements when wrong frame size are reported, more cleanings,
  * fix definetly auto-hide and DXR3 using,
  * apply button added in setup window (changes cancelation possible),
  * some playlist bugs fixed,
  * few other bug fixed, as usual.

xine-ui (0.9.17) unstable; urgency=low

  * keep in mind origin path for filebrowser (per session),
  * support X resource manager,
  * fix combo widget autoroll bug,
  * fix segfault with large playlists,
  * fix "slider jump to 0 on seek" bug,
  * Polish man updates,
  * fix autoplay button mrls handling,
  * fix playback control locking with playlist loading and mrl browser selections,
  * add save button in configuration window,
  * support origin path for m3u playlists,
  * some OSD cleanups,
  * fix OSD crashing with small steams or when video window was hidded
  * automatically hide video window when DXR3 and TVout is used,
  * user level experience configuration support,
  * setup enumerate audio/video plugins.
  * add support of post plugins.

xine-ui (0.9.16) unstable; urgency=low

  * some bug fixes: config dialog segfault, several race conditions
  * add a real file browser, used to load/save playlist, open a stream,
  * aspect ratio fix
  * add OSD support,
  * remove embedded libcurl (use conditionally external one),
  * take care of origin when using sfv playlist.
  * add a xinerama fullscreen, ie a fullscreen on several screens

xine-ui (0.9.15) unstable; urgency=low

  * download asx playlist. In fact it can download anything, since we
    use libcurl now. It's experimental and not documented yet (use dload:/
    as an mrl prefix, ftp:// are also handled)
  * handle playlist file/mrl in playlist (cryptic words here)
  * tons of toolkit bugfixes,
  * snapshot fixed,
  * update from time to time audio and spu language,
  * fix root window display,
  * output window can be on top even in windowed mode,
  * scan whole playlist about stream info,
  * playlist support: asx, tox, m3u, pls, sfv and raw text,
  * playlist loop modes,
  * new mediamark object support (start/end/ident/mrl),
  * possibility to add a new mediamark from current position playback,
  * mediamarks are editable from playlist window,
  * visual animation while audio only stream playback,
  * kde window mapping bug fixed,
  * handle 'none' video output plugin,
  * fix playlist entry moving,
  * fix relative seeking bug,
  * fix 'file:/' mrl DnD adding bug,
  * improved support for moving and resizing video window,
  * (aaUI) playlist fixes,
  * man pages and translation files updates.

xine-ui (0.9.14) unstable; urgency=low

  * dfb is disabled now (we need a maintainer),
  * corba is disabled now (we need a maintainer),
  * new logo code,
  * reenable sound control,
  * dpms standby,
  * more new api syncing,
  * fix seeking,
  * fullscreen bug fixed (twice click),
  * fix mrl browser mrl filtering bug,
  * document new mrl syntax,
  * navigation (dvd/vcd) window,
  * stream information window,
  * panel/output_window autohide feature (regarding to stream type),
  * browser widgets have horizontal slider (useful with larger text strings),
  * man pages and translation files updates.

  * -- Switch to new xine library API --

xine-ui (0.9.13) unstable; urgency=low

  * includes the most popular themes: xinetic(default), cloudy, CelomaChrome
  * improved TV mode selection (untested)
  * localization updates (including correct numeric plural forms)
  * aaxine should work with linux or slang drivers again
  * improved performance on IA-32 (compiling without -funroll-all-loops)
  * setup dialog features brand-new xitk scrollbars
  * prev/next buttons optionally switch chapters (instead of MRLs) on supported media
  * invalid buttons (eg. "play" without an MRL) are disabled

  And, of course, lots of other small bugfixes and improvements...

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Sat,  3 Aug 2002 22:58:00 +0200

xine-ui (0.9.12) unstable; urgency=low

  * fixed segfault with German localization

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@debian.org>  Sun, 23 Jun 2002 12:20:11 +0200

xine-ui (0.9.11) unstable; urgency=low

  * started the xine-ui ChangeLog again
  * lots of bugfixes
  * new, cool, default theme
  * removed all the other themes from default distribution
    (you can still down load them from http://xine.sf.net)
  * xine-ui now reports unsupported codec formats
  * probably more things that I don't recall

 -- Siggi Langauf <siggi@users.sf.net>  Sun, 21 Jun 2002

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