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xine-lib (1.1.13) 2008-06-15
  * Security fixes:
    - Buffer overflow in the NSF demuxer which may allow remote attackers to
      cause a denial of service (crash) or possibly execute arbitrary code
      via an NSF file with a long title or copyright message. (CVE-2008-1878)
    - For extra safety against possible Integer overflows like the ones found
      in CVE-2008-1482, backport more calloc usage from 1.2 branch.
  * Added MIME types and .mpp for musepack.
  * Fixed display of some MJPEG streams (YUVJ420P).
  * Deprecate xine_xmalloc() function, see src/xine-utils/utils.c for more
    information about the reason.
  * Provide a useful implementation of xine_register_log_cb().

xine-lib (1.1.12) 2008-04-14
  * Security fixes:
    - Insufficient boundary check in speex audio decoder. (CVE-2008-1686)
  * Fixed and improved the PulseAudio driver.
  * Fixed a regression in which broke Quicktime container handling.
  * And another, this time in the Matroska demuxer.
  * Added a tool to assist with generating front ends' desktop files. It
    lists MIME types & filename extensions known to the installed xine-lib.
  * Various Real codec improvements, including:
    - RV20 no longer causes segfaults (observed on amd64);
    - Cook is now handled by ffmpeg.
  * Added a video output plugin intended for passing raw data to the front end.

xine-lib ( 2008-03-30
  * Security fixes:
    - Integer overflows in FLV, Qt, Real, WC3Movie, Matroska and FILM
      demuxers, allowing remote attackers to trigger heap overflows and
      possibly execute arbitrary code. (CVE-2008-1482)
  * Added a few more memory allocation checks to the above demuxers.
  * WAV file playback fix: don't assume that the first chunk is "fmt ".
  * Don't try to play partial 24-bit AIFF frames (decoder would lose data).
  * Fixed AIFF comment chunk handling and sample rate reading.
  * LPCM fixes: input over-reading, conversion of 24-bit samples.

xine-lib (1.1.11) 2008-03-19
  * Security fixes:
    - Array Indexing Vulnerability in sdpplin_parse(). (CVE-2008-0073)
  * Reworked the plugin directory naming so that external plugins don't have
    to be rebuilt for every release. We now use a naming scheme based on the
    API/ABI versioning, checking older directories - with this release, the
    plugin directory name is 1.20, and if this gets bumped to 1.21 in a
    future release, 1.20 will still be available for external plugins.
    (Any directories not 1.* won't be looked in.)
  * Made the version parsing much more reliable; it wasn't properly coping
    with four-part version numbers. This affects any program whose build
    scripts use xine-lib's automake macros.
  * Fixed an off-by-one in the FLAC security fix patch. This breakage was
    causing failure to play some files.
  * Support 16-bit big-endian DTS audio.
  * Improved frame snapshot API. (ABI extension.)
  * Re-add support for # (stream parameter separator) in raw filenames,
    without the bugs found in the original implementation.
    (This is a convenience feature for users only. Front ends which rely on
    it for functions like subtitle file detection must instead use file://
    MRLs; if they don't, we consider them to be buggy.)
  * Fixed long delay when closing stream on dual core systems [Bug #33]
  * DVD playback improvement: don't trust the file sizes.
  * Build fixes for use with recent ffmpeg.

xine-lib ( 2008-02-07
  * Security fixes:
    - Array index vulnerability which may allow remote attackers to execute
      arbitrary code via a crafted FLAC tag, causing a stack buffer overflow.
    - Buffer overflow in the Matroska demuxer (demuxers/demux_matroska.c)
      which may allow remote attackers to cause a denial of service (crash)
      or possibly execute arbitrary code via a Matroska file with invalid
      frame sizes. (CVE-2008-1161)
  * Fix a RealPlayer codec detection bug.
  * Improve detection of MP3 streams with ID3v2 tags. Don't trust the tag

xine-lib (1.1.10) 2008-01-26
  * Security fixes:
    - Buffer overflow which allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary
      code or crash the client program via a crafted ASF header. 
      (CVE-2008-1110, related to CVE-2006-1664)
  * Update Ogg and Annodex mimetypes and extensions.
  * Change the default v4l device paths to /dev/video0 and /dev/radio0.
  * Fix support for subtitles with schemes (e.g. http://), partly broken
    since 1.1.8.
  * Unescape the filename in "#save:". This allows filenames to contain ';'
    etc. without ambiguity, e.g. "#save:foo%3B1.ts" -> "foo;1.ts", but front
    end authors should be careful with xine-lib older than 1.1.10.
  * Backported xine-config & libxine.pc from 1.2.
    Consequently, xine-config now requires pkg-config.
  * Don't discard audio samples forever. Fixed streaming playback.
  * Fix a possible crash on channel change in the DVB plugin.
  * Flash video demuxer improvements and bug fixes.
  * Make the V4L ALSA audio input device configurable. (This needs more work.)

xine-lib ( 2008-01-11
  * Security fixes:
    - Buffer overflow which allows a remote attacker to execute arbitrary
      code via a crafted SDP Abstract attribute.
      (CVE-2008-0225, a.k.a. CVE-2008-0238)
      (Fix ported from mplayer changeset 22821)
  * Fix a read-past-end bug in xine-lib's internal strtok_r replacement.
    (Only affects systems without strtok_r.) [Bug #19]
  * Fix a bug which causes video playback display errors on PPC/Darwin.

xine-lib (1.1.9) 2008-01-06
  * Fix dvd://.../title[.chapter] handling (somewhat broken in 1.1.8).
  * Fix switching DVB subtitles channels.
  * DVB sub: switch to dyn mem alloc and allow multiple CLUTs per page.
  * Check if DVB sub PTS is reliable and show sub immediately if it's not.
  * Fix incorrect H.264 detection on successive MPEG1/2 B frames.
  * Add UI option to configure FFmpeg's video decoder thread count.
  * Improve syncing of audio and video in the presence of bad frames.
  * Improve handling of invalid or unknown frame sizes.
  * Fixed handling of streamed Flash videos (broken in 1.1.5).
  * Fixed division by zero in sputext decoder
  * Build fix for when using Linux 2.6.23 headers. [Bug SF 1820958]
  * Implemented decoding of XML character entities with codes >= 256.
    This requires conversion to UTF-8 of entities with codes >= 128.
  * Handle initial Unicde BOMs in XML; convert other UTF encodings to UTF-8.
  * Fixed ATSC support. [Bug SF 1749508]
  * Fixed a possible DVB plugin crash when switching channels.
  * Fixed a crash closing the frontend. [Bug #7]
  * Fixed deadlock on ao_close while paused.
  * Nicer wakeup behaviour, using select instead of nanosleep (800 -> 100
  * Fixed ALSA close function to not discard all data that had been written
    but not played yet.
  * Fixed a race condition between ao_loop and ao_close to not lose the last
  * DXR3 encoding with external ffmpeg should be fixed now.
    (This was broken by ffmpeg revision 9283).
  * Enabled the WMV VC1 & VMware Screen (ffmpeg) codecs.
  * Fixed a crash that happened when a video output was closed
  * Made the Real demuxer recognise simple lists of http references.
  * Require correct URL encoding of '#'s which aren't separators.
  * Don't decode %nn in raw filenames. [Bug SF 1784272]
  * Always enable a52dec capabilities for external a52dec, this makes it
    possible to use the DJB accelerated FFT when using the external a52dec
    liba52 library. [Bug #9]
  * Fixed an input_pvr issue with 'set input' for ivtv versions 0.10.6+
  * demux_aiff: only check for chunk's size being lesser than 100 when
    reading the COMM_TAG. [Bug #6]
  * Avoid potential mislinkage at install time if a system-wide
    is present but is *not* pointing at
  * Update French translation, thanks to Christophe Giraud. [Bug #15]
  * Detect corrupted or broken seek tables in CBR MP3 files. [Bug #3]
  * Fixed an issue in input_pvr with setting the frequency of the tuner for
    ivtv versions 0.10.6+
  * Add Turkish translation by Serdar Soytetir and Server Acim.
  * Workaround for subtitle rendering when using variable-length character
    encodings other than UTF-8. (There is probably still some breakage here.)

xine-lib (1.1.8) 2007-08-27
  * Send a channel-changed event to the frontend when receiving the SYNC
    string from streaming server.
  * Disable mediaLib support by default (the licenses probably disallow the
    distribution of xine binaries built against mediaLib, and on non-VIS
    capable boxes it's probably worse than our own code).
  * Rename endianness-reading macros so that they don't collide with Solaris
    system macros. BE_/LE_ are now _X_BE_ and _X_LE_.
  * Add an extra function to allow front ends to rename their old,
    badly-named configuration items.
  * Various build fixes and cleanups for Solaris, plugin dependencies etc.
  * Fix some memory leaks in the Vorbis decoder and video overlays.
  * Fix a problem with the goom plugin which could cause it to stop working.
  * Clean up "%" unescaping in MRLs; correctly handle "%" in DVD and VCD MRLs.
  * Fix a crash with "dvb:/".
  * DVB subtitle fixes: deadlock prevention, thread leakage, spec compliance.
  * Allow the DVB input plugin to timeout if it is receiving no signal.
  * Fix an audio resampling problem which was causing regular clicking.
  * Fix build with recent glibc and a debugging #define. [Bug SF 1773769]
  * Fix handling of multiple MPEG TS audio streams & subtitle languages.
  * Add colouring for bold & italic in text subtitles.
  * Simple scaling of subtitles to fit the frame width (intended to cope
    with common DVB resolutions such as 544x576).
  * Various small video frame-handling bug fixes.
  * Add options to control bob deinterlacing in the XxMC video output plugin.

xine-lib (1.1.7) 2007-06-07
  * Support libdca (new name for libdts) by shuffling around the dts.h file.
  * Add support for MDHD version 1 atom in demux_qt. [Bug SF 1679398]
  * Handle single-quoted attribute values in XML.
  * Fix default paths for RealPlayer libraries (broken in 1.1.5).
    [Bug SF 1707526]
  * Fix proxy usage when the hostnames cannot be resolved. Thanks to Jeff
    Mitchell for reporting and testing the fix.
  * Avoid zero-sized frames when demuxing MPEG PES.
  * Improved MPEG2 detection and optimised processing.
  * Extract AFD information (commonly used in UK DVB-T) from the MPEG stream.
  * Ensure that the ffmpeg video image size is properly initialised.
  * Allow XxMC to switch back to software decoding; don't deinterlace if it's
    not needed for any given frame.
  * Document "dvba:" MRLs (ATSC with full tuning info).
  * Fix VCD playback (broken since 1.1.4).
  * Fix demuxing of FLAC files with ID3v2 tags.
  * Use the integer versions of Speex decoding functions, this avoids an
    iteration over the decoded frames to transform them to integers, and
    also avoids an improper saturation.
  * Prioritize the musepack demuxer over mpgaudio, as sometimes the latter can
    misfire and report a good file as unplayable.
  * Fix an mmap problem with huge files on 32-bit systems.
  * Improved MPEG PES stream handling: specifically, misdetection of data
    streams as PES streams.
  * Handle unplugged ALSA device (fixes crashes) and if the frontend does not
    handle the event continue playback to the none output.
  * Disable aRTs output plugin by default, it's deprecated and will be removed
    in 1.2 series.
  * Fix a colour format conversion crash in the fb video output driver.

xine-lib (1.1.6) 2007-04-17
  * Split the DirectFB plugin into X11 and non-X versions.
  * Improve the Mac OS X video output plugin. Thanks to Matt Messier.
  * Fixed the XcbXv plugin - an empty plugin would be built if "old" Xv
    isn't detected.
  * Reworked the channels.conf file handling in the DVB plugin. Previously,
    with junk content, the plugin could potentially consume lots of memory
    (possibly causing a local DoS). Also, a few small memory leaks have been
  * Fixed a CDDA-related crash and a DVD-related hang, both caused by the
    same change in 1.1.5.

xine-lib (1.1.5) 2007-04-10
  * Security fixes:
    - Fix heap overflow in DMO and DirectShow loaders.
      Thanks to Kees Cook for reporting.
      (CVE-2007-1246 & CVE-2007-1387) [Bug SF 1676925]
  * Improved PulseAudio plugin, now only one connection per instance is opened
    and the mainloop is threaded to reduce latency during playback.
  * Added XCB-based output plugins (Xv and XShm), to use in software using
    XCB to talk with the server rather than libX11 (like new Kaffeine).
    The plugins are contributed by Christoph Pfister with the help of
    Vincent Torri, Jamey Sharp and Christophe Thommeret.
  * Fix race condition in alsa audio out driver.
  * Fixed a crash in the eq2 plugin. [Bug SF 1644312]
  * Fixed content type detection for AAC (seekable) streams with ID3v2
    tags prefixed clobbering the preview buffer, by skipping over the tag.
  * Parse ID3v2 tags on AAC and FLAC files, as well as mp3 files.
  * Priority of the AAC encoder is now lower than anything else, so
    it's not going to crash xine down if you try to run an mp3 stream
    on FAAD2.
  * Relicense the xine-lib XML parser under the GNU LGPL, for use in other
  * Improvement in portability to Solaris and NetBSD, thanks to Albert Lee and
    Sergey Svishchev respectively.
  * Spanish translation updated by Carlos E. Robinson M.
  * Don't leave libstk support to be detected automagically; also made it
    disabled by default as upstream is dead and a different libstk is found
    on Debian.
  * Improvement in portability to FreeBSD, merged some patches (with changes)
    from the ports.
  * Cleaned up Real binary codecs support, adding support for FreeBSD (still
    to be completely cleaned up though), and to 64-bit platforms. Also add
    two new configure option, one to enable or disable building of Real binary
    support altogether and one to choose the path where to look for the codecs
    by default (it can, and probably should) be different from the Win32
    codecs path.
  * Avoid a possible floating-point exception when starting stream playback.
  * Now xine can play correctly media on HTTP servers reporting status codes
    but no status message.
  * Wave files with 24-bit integer PCM streams now should play correctly
    (downplayed to 16-bit).
  * Added centre-cutout (4:3 in 16:9) to the expand plugin.
    Patch by Reinhard Nissl.
  * Fix support of block devices for AC3 and DTS demuxers. Thanks to Matthias
    Kretz for the original patch.
  * Portability fixes for Mac OS X, in particular Mac OS X on the new Intel
    Macs. Thanks to Martin Aumueller, Emanuele Giaquinta and Matt Messier.
  * Fix amp muting when level is still at 100. Patch by Reinhard Nissl.
  * Create at least a 1×1 shared image when the first frame is skipped (and
    thus reported as 0×0), to avoid disabling shared memory for all others.
    Patch by Reinhard Nissl.
  * Send an event when the amp level is modified. Patch by Reinhard Nissl.
  * Add support for H.264 video stream in PES packets. Patch by Reinhard Nissl.
  * Support multiple audio PID in MPEG TS. Patch by Julian Scheel.
  * Improvement in portability to OpenBSD, thanks to Pascal S. de Kloe.

xine-lib (1.1.4) 2007-01-28
  * Mark string-type configuration items according to whether they're plain
    strings or names of files, device nodes or directories. This information
    is available to front ends (via .num_value) so that they can present
    file/dir-open dialogue boxes if they so choose.
    Subtitle font selection is split up due to this.
  * Applied the patch to fix text relocation, provided by PaX Team for Gentoo
    and previously applied by other distributions as well. Fixes the non-PIC
    code being generated. Note: patch reverted for tomsmocomp (segfault).
  * Fix race condition in audio_out by using a recursive mutex; patch by
    Reinhard Nissl. [Bug SF 1551911]
  * Allow building with Sun CC by fixing the lprintf variadic macro; patch by
    Taso N. Devetzis. [Bug SF 1614406]
  * Fix disposing of image buffers in video_out_xv when SHM get disabled by
    exhaustion of memory; patch by Matthias Drochner. [Bug SF 1620339]
  * Fix invalid memory access in Real Media ASM parser; reported by Roland
    Kay. [Bug SF 1603503]
  * Fix program termination due to invalid Real Media SDP; reported by Roland
    Kay. [Bug SF 1602663]
  * Fix invalid memory access in Real Media SDP with tailored stream; reported
    by Roland Kay. [Bug SF 1602631]
  * Don't check for libpostproc version and assume that if libavcodec is found
    correctly, libpostproc is of the same version, too. Reported by Ville
    Skyttä. [Bug SF 1617344]
  * Fix Shorten demuxer: the whole "ajkg" signature has to be found, not only
    one character of it. [Bug SF 1601134]
  * Implement at least a partial content-based detection of ModPlug-decoded
    module files, using the magic numbers from GNU file. This allows to open
    module files based on content rather than on their extension only.
    [Bug SF 1445746]
  * Make the libFLAC-based decoder and demuxer for FLAC files work with recent
    FLAC release 1.1.3.
  * Replace --enable-flac configure option with --with-libflac, as the FLAC
    support is always built-in through the audio demuxer plugin and the FFmpeg
    decoder plugin, the option only controls the extra FLAC plugin that uses
    libFLAC both for demuxing and decoding.
  * Implement a True Audio files demuxer. [Bug SF 1586381]
  * Allow decoding of MusePack SV 7.x files (7.1 files at least play fine).
  * Fix demuxing of uncompressed VobSub subtitles in Matroska files
  * ffmpeg update to 51.29.0
  * Workaround ffmpeg buggy codecs that don't release their DR1 frames.
    [Bugs SF 1599975, SF 1601299, SF 1319154]
  * Fix several segfaults and freezing problem with H264 streams that use a lot
    of reference frames (eg. 15) [Bugs SF 1603305, SF 1576588, SF 1267713]
  * Fix mpeg4 artifacts introduced in cvs (not present in 1.1.3)
    [Bug SF 1625911]
  * Initial support to enable/disable ffmpeg codecs. Codecs may be disabled in
    groups by --disable-ffmpeg-uncommon-codecs/--disable-ffmpeg-popular-codecs
    Think of "uncommon" codecs what people would never want to play with their
    PDAs (they will save memory by removing them).
    Note: currently both uncommon/popular codecs are _build_ but disabled.
    that is, build system still need some improvements to really save memory.
  * Fix possible division by zero when pausing (video_out.c).
  * Allow disabling build of musepack decoder through a ./configure parameter
  * Allow using external libmpcdec for MusePack decoding rather than the
    internal copy of an old libmusepack, through a ./configure parameter
  * Add support for WavPack files, with both a demuxer and a decoder using
    WavPack library. As an alternative, FFmpeg's audio decoder can be used
    to decode WavPack files.
  * Don't crash when caching a file opened through Samba plugin, thanks to
    Timothy Redaelli from Gentoo.
  * Fix audio/video sync problem with NTSC DVDs (introduced in 1.1.2).
    [Bugs SF 1544349, SF 1589644]

xine-lib (1.1.3) 2006-12-03
  * Security fixes:
    - Heap overflow in libmms (related to CVE-2006-2200)
    - Buffer overrun in Real Media input plugin.
      Thanks to Roland Kay for reporting and JW for the patch.
      (CVE-2006-6172) [Bug SF 1603458]
  * Update build system to support x86 Darwin setups, and merge patches to
    support Darwin OS better.
  * Replace custom ALSA check with pkg-config check, and make sure 0.9.0 is
    the requried version.
  * When the compiler supports it, enable hidden visibility for all the
    plugins to export only the plugin info entry (and eventual needed
    special functions), to replace the min-symtab option that wasn't working.
  * Add "m4b" to the list of supported file extensions for the Qt demuxer, to
    allow playing (unprotected) audiobooks in AAC format.
  * Remove --disable-fpic hack, prefer using --without-pic instead.
  * Add new output plugin: PulseAudio (based on PolypAudio plugin), that uses
    0.9 API (PulseAudio is PolypAudio renamed).
  * Remove PolypAudio plugin, latest version supported 0.7 API that is no more
    supported by upstream, and it's replaced by PulseAudio.
  * Allow 0 for DVD title/chapter (navigation or full title).
  * New experimental JACK audio driver.
  * Fix switch from alsa/dmix 2.0 to 5.1 [Bug SF 1226595]
  * Don't use proxy for localhost connection. [Bug SF 1553633]
  * Use mmap() to open local files if available.
  * Use pkg-config to look for external FFmpeg.
  * Allow FFmpeg to play MP3s in case MAD is not present.
  * Reduce the dead time when trying to connect to dead hosts, by falling back
    to non-blocking sockets on the last address found for an host, and allowing
    users to provide a connection timeout. [Bug SF 1550844]
  * Return the correct error message to frontends when a file is inaccessible or
    the network connection is broken. [Bug SF 1550763]
  * Support libcaca 0.99, thanks to cjacker huang.
  * Fix crash on video-only WMV streams. [Bug SF 1564598]
  * Report audio stream on Shorten files (required for Amarok to play them).
  * Optionally use fontconfig to look up fonts to use for OSD. [Bug SF 1551042]
  * Prefer FreeType2 rendered fonts to bitmap fonts.
  * Stone age platforms update
  * Enabled TrueSpeech codec
  * New X11 visual type: xine-lib may now use frontend's mutex/lock mechanism
    instead of XLockDisplay/XUnlockDisplay.
  * Allow playing of OggFlac files. [Bug SF 1590690]
  * Allow playing FLAC files with an ID3 tag at the start.
  * Fix some crashes caused by MP3 files (and possibly others) being
    misdetected as AAC.

xine-lib (1.1.2) 2006-07-09
  * Security fixes:
    - CVE-2005-4048: possible buffer overflow in libavcodec (crafted PNGs).
    - CVE-2006-2802: possible buffer overflow in the HTTP plugin. 
    - possible buffer overflow via bad indexes in specially-crafted AVI files
  * Update gettext support to 0.14.5, disable internal gettext, fix locales
    handling, use the correct domain for strings.
  * Italian translation update
  * Czech translation update
  * Disable the XXMC plugin if Xv support isn't there
  * Also look for Xv support in /usr/lib for's new location
  * Fix using xine-lib on systems with SELinux enabled
  * Build right with libiconv in /usr/local as default on FreeBSD
  * Fix a potential crash with fixed-size lacing in the Matroska demuxer
  * Patch from SuSE to fix alsa after hardware suspend
  * Fix the ./configure --enable-static-xv parameter
  * Really fix the speed changing race that was mentioned in 1.1.1
  * Send events for tvtime filmmode changes
  * Add an image decoder based on gdk-pixbuf
  * Add browseable capability to smb input plugin
  * Enable AMD64 mmx/sse support in some plugins (tvtime, libmpeg2, goom...)
  * Fix xxmc subpictures (broken since 1.1.1)
  * FFmpeg update (version 51.1.0)
  * Fix detection of locale containing a modifier (like "@euro")
  * New volume normalization post plugin
  * New image noise post plugin (useful for mitigating some compression artifacts)
  * Support for Vorbis-style comments in FLAC files
  * Coverity fixes
  * Add ATSC support to the DVB plugin
  * Make various structures and arrays constant.
  * Fix up health check to find libX11 and libXv shared objects even if
    devel packages aren't installed (where appropriate). (Ubuntu 47357)
  * Fix install problems in case configure was generated by autoconf >= 2.59c.
  * Fixed some win32 codec freezes when configured w32-path doesn't exist
  * Add support for RealPlayer 10 codecs (from SUSE)
xine-lib (1.1.1) 2005-11-15
  * Improve sound quality when using alsa 1.0.9 or above.
    When playing a 44.1khz stream on a 48khz only capable sound card.
    It bypasses alsa-lib resampler and uses xine's
  * Windows ports bug fixes and improvements
  * Set up the framebuffer palette (fb video out).
  * build fixes and improvements, added --with-pthread-prefix and 
    --with-zlib-prefix options
  * new DirectFB video output plugin with many improvements (output to overlay
    or TV, deinterlacing, image controls, zoom, OSD, double/triple buffering,
    vsync, flicker filtering, field parity control)
  * overlay cropping fixes for small streams or when using cropping support
  * experimental frame allocation optimization reduces cpu usage of the
    deinterlacer plugin by up 25%
  * implement time seeking on DVD plugin
  * move CFLAGS optimizations to a separated file (added --disable-optimizations)
  * use the same codec path as MPlayer (/usr[/local]/lib/codecs)
  * FFmpeg sync (new QDM2 decoder)
  * imported Duck TrueMotion 2 decoder from FFmpeg
  * sync libfaad2 to latest GPL compatible version; fixes AAC decoding on x86_64 arch
  * support gapless playback while switching streams (requires UI cooperation)
  * fix speed changing race causing deadlock with v4l plugin
  * cddb improvements/fixes (DTITLE/DYEAR parsing, timeout increase and
    multiline entries support) [Bug SF 1205274]

xine-lib (1.1.0) 2005-07-26
  * new quality deinterlacer from dscaler: GreedyH (Greedy High Motion)
  * new quality deinterlacer from dscaler: TomsMoComp (Tom's Motion Compensated)
  * added help for most deinterlace methods
  * ffmpeg update
  * use ImageMagick to convert and display different type of images (png, jpg...)
  * improve ASX playlist parsing
  * add an extended MRL reference event (MRL title, start time, play time):
    needed for the ASX parser; deprecates plain MRL reference events.
  * goom updated to 2k4-0

xine-lib (1.0.4)
  * tiny doc update
  * build fixes and cross build improvements
  * fixed an align problem in Win32 DirectX video output plugin
  * fixed linking of X11 plugins for some platforms

xine-lib (1.0.3)
  * fixed format string vulnerability in audio CD input plugin
  * some build system fixes for Windows

xine-lib (1.0.2)
  * fixed playback of single-session Real RTSP streams, such as
  * fixed xxmc / xvmc mocomp / IDCT rendering errors caused by the big update. 
  * support --enable-fpic with recent versions of gcc
  * clip goom fps value to >= 1 [Bug SF 1193783]
  * fixed xvmc plugin segfault when it tried software blending on nonexistant xv image
  * cleaned up libmpeg2 behaviour on xxmc plugin abrupt software fallback
  * use -fno-inline-functions with gcc < 3.4.0 (bug known to be in 3.3.5)
  * fix xxmc plugin wanting to change vld xvmc context when stream changes from
    non-interlaced to interlaced [Bug SF 1194350]
  * speed up xx44 alphablending of large transparent areas
  * stop libmpeg2 XvMC IDCT / MOCOMP attempting software motion compensation
    [Bug SF 1194754]
  * improve xxmc cpu-usage for IDCT / MOCOMP acceleration through better locking
    [Bug SF 1195282]
  * gcc4 build patches [Bug SF 1175002]
  * don't assume that file is in /usr/bin (build fix) [Bug SF 1195539]
  * plugin loader fixes - could cause xine to lock up hard on startup [Bug SF 1196819]
  * Fix xxmc bob deinterlacing for field-coded interlaced streams
  * Fix LE_64/BE_64 macros on non-x86 plataforms. may fixes issues with some
    demuxers like avi, asf and ogg.
  * sputext improvements/workarounds
  * add a new error message when a file we tried to play is an empty
  (zero-sized) file
  * be more POSIX-compliant (head, tail) (build fix)
  * fixed deadlock when libxine was called from the event listener thread and
    tried to flush all pending events.
  * Added xine(5), documenting MRL syntax.
  * allow playing just a single title/chapter from dvd (useful for extracting audio -
    check media.dvd.play_single_chapter)
  * new stream infos allows frontends to query current title/chapter/angle on dvds
  * new upmix_mono audio post plugin to convert mono to stereo
  * added --with-external-a52dec and --with-external-libmad switches
  * fix a locking bug which affects configuration callback functions
  * Can select VCD "hot spots" or mouse menu selections if libvcdinfo 0.7.21 or
    greater installed

xine-lib (1.0.1)
  * Big XvMC quality / correctness / cpu-usage fix. [Bug SF 1114517] 
  * fixed builds with Xv or the entire X11 unavailable
  * updated internal copies of VCD libraries to libcdio 0.71 and vcdimager 0.7.21
  * fixed compatibility with new libtool versions [Bug SF 1094262]
  * renamed input.http_no_proxy to
  * tightened no-proxy domain matching & added exact host match ('=' prefix)
  * assume that front ends can handle tabs (ffmpeg pp plugin help text)
  * fixed MMS/ASF chained stream bug
  * Shoutcast: fixed meta info handling
  * MMST: fixed incorrect command length
  * fixed end of stream detection with AVI files
  * added support for WMA Voice codec
  * added limited support for character entities to the XML parser
  * fixed support of icecast 2 server
  * fixed some memleaks related to DVD playback and MPEG PES
  * fixed PNG/MNG image distortion and incorrect colouring
  * fixed build on solaris and other platforms [Bugs SF 1062987, SF 1114677,
    SF 1115001]
  * published documentation about Win32 platform
  * brand new DirectX audio output plugin for Windows
  * updated win32 MSVC port
  * used only ASCII characters for C locale
  * fixed cropping and zooming with vidix
  * fixed status reporting to honour IDLE status as documented
  * fixed aborts on DVB channel switching [Bug SF 1090707]
  * updated vidix to 0.9.9
  * plugin description accessor functions (may load plugins)
  * fixed translations, they were not used in some cases
  * Win32 port updates: cross compilation of VCD, external ffmpeg with MSVC
  * fixed pthread leak
  * fixed onefield_xv deprecated deinterlace method
  * multiple slice-per-rows (HDTV) fixes in the libmpeg2 code, particularly 
    regarding VLD XvMC.
  * cleaned up hardware acceleration hooks in libmpeg2.
  * fixed X include path searching while configure detects XvMC support.
  * Experimental bob deinterlacing support in the xxmc module
  * improved plugin loader to allow plugin garbage collection and more
    flexible plugin linking
  * support for Windows Media Audio Lossless

xine-lib (1.0) 2004-12-25
  * unbreak DXR3 plugin
  * fix crash in the AIFF demuxer on oversized chunks
  * fix crash in the sputext decoder when subtitles have too many lines
    [Bug SF 1086775]
  * added support for OGG chained streams
  * fixed deadlock with ASF chained streams due to fifo buffer leak
  * DVB Subtitles: fixed flashing, repeating subs, fix sync & timeouts
  * DVB EPG: fixed incorrectly parsed running status, clear old epg data, cropped epg texts
  * updated included libdvdnav: more graceful handling of some error conditions;
    fixed playback of some strangely authored DVDs
  * fixed problem with first subtitle not showing when using separate subtitle files
  * fixed crash related to relative HTTP redirect URLs (implemented canonicalisation)
  * linking libXv dynamically, fixes breakage of Xv plugin

xine-lib (1-rc8) 2004-12-15
  * Multiple security vulnerabilities fixed on PNM and Real RTSP clients
  * Rewrote OpenGL output plugin.
  * Fixed segfault when seeking with the "xvmc" and "xxmc" plugins playing 
    files with IDCT / mocomp XvMC acceleration. 
  * polypaudio sound server support
  * fixed playback of MMS streams with the new input cache layer [Bug SF 1066926]
  * fixed builds without X11 [Bug SF 1067705]
  * added support for 24-bit LPCM from DVDs [Bug SF 843786]
  * Fixed segfault in xxmc plugin when switch from software decoding to 
    accelerated decoding occured while software surfaces still needed to be 
  * fixed plugin catalog cache (faster xine startup)
  * updated internal goom to 2k4-dev21; randomized and improved look of 
    initial effect (hopefully no more white screens any more)
  * DVB: Fixed pat parsing with fullfeatured cards.
  * DVB: Now uses auto-inversion if the frontend supports it - should solve many tuning
    problems for people with sat cards.  
  * DVB: Will now verify that channels.conf file is in correct (?zap) format.
  * fixed OSS mixer disabling itself after first playlist entry
  * improved overlay blending quality, fixed subtitles with XShm
  * improved support for transport streams
  * new plugin for DVB subtitles
  * support realplayer codecs on AMD64
  * fixed restoring xv settings on exit for some frontends
  * UTF-8 support for cddb (freedb) client
  * identify AAC, MPEG4 and H264 on transport streams
  * build fixes and improvements (not using mkinstalldirs, mingw32)
  * fixed mmst and mmsh issues with the cache plugin
  * fixed mmsh "RESET" chunk handling
  * implemented "streaming" protocol
  * meta info (title, artist, etc) returned by the xine-lib is now UTF8
xine-lib (1-rc7) 2004-11-04
  * Build system improvements: replacement functions, better work with headers
  * Set the codec name for Real Media even if we can't play the files
  * Fix win32 playback on recent versions of Linux
  * Added cropping capability to some video_out drivers (Xv, XvMC, vidix).
    automatic software cropping is provided for drivers not supporting it.
  * Fixed displaying of mpeg2 files where width/height is not a multiple of 16
    (these files required cropping after decoding)
  * Fix crashes with some input plugins when no audio output was available
  * Windows ports updates and cleanups
  * new xxmc driver supporting XvMC with extended vld (for VIA CLE266), 
    idct and mocomp accelerations. includes automatic Xv fallback for 
    non-mpeg streams. supports overlays and OSD.
  * suggested using the libXvMCW so xine won't depend on any vendor
    specific library. you can get the old behaviour (not recommended)
    using ./configure --with-xvmc-lib=XvMCNVIDIA. 
    The wrapper library libXvMCW is present in Xorg CVS or downloadable 
    standalone from 
    It will dlopen a hardware-specific XvMC library at runtime. 
  * Some fixes for crashes when trying to play encrypted DVDs without libdvdcss
  * DXR3: fixed some rare audio dropouts
  * DXR3: fixed forced subtitle handling; this fixes missing subtitles in
    "The Lord of the Rings - The Two Towers"
  * fixed wrong subtitle appearing in the trailer of "Girl, Interrupted" RC2
  * fixed "NAV packet expected, but none found" error when toggling between
    menu and feature with the Escape key [Bug SF 1025469]
  * video image scaling can now be disabled for more video output plugins
    than XShm [feature requests SF 987635, SF 856408]
  * Updated the xxmc driver with a better software fallback mechanism
  * Fixed playback of OpenDML streams generated by mencoder
  * Fixed playback of incomplete OpenDML streams
  * Fixed crash when xine_stop is called and the stream is ending
  * Fixed crash when the video_out loop still references a disposed stream
  * Make amp work with 8-bit sounds
  * Simple libsmbclient (samba) input plugin
  * improved DVB plugin with support for A52, subtitles, and
    EIT (electronic program guide).
  * new request optimizer (cache) layer for input plugins to avoid the
    overhead of expensive system calls for reading just a couple of
    bytes. may be disabled with MRL parameter "#nocache".
  * use monotonic clock where available (eg. linux 2.6) so system clock
    updates won't disturb xine playback. [Bug SF 781532]
  * fixed seeking unresponsiveness when using external subtitles
  * Allowed multiple simultaneous thread access in parts of the xxmc driver, 
    assuming that XvMC libraries are thread-safe.
xine-lib (1-rc6) 2004-09-16
  * Moved win32 frontend into separate module.
  * Fixed Xv initialization to enable multiple instances of the Xv plugin
  * Removed XInitThreads() call from some video out plugins because it
    might lead to undefined behaviour. Calling XInitThreads() is entirely
    the frontend's job.
  * Included goom2k4-dev18 support
  * Made sure the streams are played till their very end
  * Support implemented for Annodex files
  * VobSub-in-Matroska support added.
  * Enable support for guessing and using Windows encoding as
    default for external subtitles.
  * Added quality improvements for full frame rate deinterlacing modes
  * Added support for 44100Hz DTS in .wav files.
  * Added ability to Restore initial xv port attributes on exit
    [Bugs SF 965572, SF 957599]
  * Fixed brightness drift problem (loss of color) [Bugs SF 947520, SF 963587]
  * Fixed rare heap overflow with some DVD subpictures [Bug SF 923843]
  * Fixed stack overflows in the VCD plugin
  * Added experimental time stretching plugin: play stream faster or 
    slower than original speed, optionally preserving pitch
  * Fixed another win32 dll crash (after playing several files)
  * Added configure option for building xine with external ffmpeg library
  * Added api for finer playback speed control (requires frontend support)
  * Added support for QuickTime 6.3 DLLs
  * Improved response time on video grabber ports
  * Added support for mp3 audio in mp4 files
  * Added support for using utf-8 for matroska subtitles
  * next stage of MINGW port - engine library compiles now
  * Improved DVD MRL handling.
  * Improved Transport stream handling.
  * Fixed wrong, very bright overlays on some DVDs [Bug SF 1018193]
  * Fixed WIN32 replacement of gettimeofday [Bug SF 995961]
  * Removed unistd.h from public header
  * Added experimental support for H.264/AVC video
  * Added support for 3ivx video

xine-lib (1-rc5)  
  * add support for ejecting removable media on Solaris
  * fix stuttering playback of some realmedia streams
  * fix end of stream handling in the http plugin
  * add support for 24bit and 32bit Float for audio.
  * add support for upmixing. Currently only stereo -> Surround 5.1
  * Software decode for DTS audio updated for Surround 5.1 output.
  * fixed compilation of libmad on AMD64
  * fixed double-free in the yuv decoder (fixes crashes when switching
    away from v4l:/ MRLs)
  * removed -funroll-all-loops from SPARC and PPC targets as it negatively
    affected performance
  * priority support for demuxer and input plugins
  * smoother seeking
  * fix seeking with the qt dll decoder
  * support AAC audio in AVI
  * slow down CD drive during CD audio playback to reduce noise
  * fix some crashes disposing win32 codecs
  * fix reception of the last bytes in a http connection
    (fixes parsing of reference/playlist files using http, eg .ram)
  * fix time displaying for flac files
  * fix playback of some broken ASF streams
  * DXR3: fix crash after playing non-MPEG content
  * add support for XVR-100 (Radeon-based) framebuffers to video_out_pgx64
  * support DTS audio in AVI
  * revised FLAC playback subsystem
  * subtitles improvements - word wrap and new subtitle format variants
  * native MacOSX video and audio output plugins
  * DXR3: fix slight shaking in lower third of the image on TV out
    with some MPEG material
  * fix falling back from multi-buffering in video_out_pgx64
  * fix DVD playback from a specified title/part with
    dvd:/<title>.<part> MRLs

xine-lib (1-rc4a) 2004-05-12
  * audio out now uses a more user friendly "Speaker arrangement" config item;
    this defaults to stereo, so if you use a different speaker arragement, like
    5.1 or other surround setups, you have to reconfigure xine using this item
  * fix possible crash in CDDB queries
  * work around the gnome-vfs sftp: method having a max read size of 256k,
    makes it possible to play AVIs over sftp:
  * added documentation for the post plugin system to the hackersguide
  * add support for decoding On2 VP5 and VP6 using Windows dlls
  * fix bugs with the colorkey overlay support introduced in rc4. under certain
    circunstances, parts of the images were not shown.
  * enable colorkey overlays for more cards using XVideo and vidix drivers.
  * make it possible for the CDDA plugin to give away Musicbrainz CD Index ID
  * several DVB improvements. add dvbs://, dvbc:// and dvbt:// mrls
  * fix static noise produced by WMA streams in some systems

xine-lib (1-rc4) 2004-04-28
  * experimental DTS software decoder using libdts
  * SPU decoder: timestamp handling for NAV packets fixes the menu on the first
    DVD of "24" season 1
  * improved precision in metronom's audio timestamp calculation fixes some
    sync problems, especially in long-running applications
  * fix playing mpeg vob files with LPCM
  * correct field order when deinterlacing bottom-field-first streams
  * fix network cdda playback
  * fix channel swapping in wave demuxer (lpcm)
  * colorkey support for drawing OSD (XVideo only - fix some flickering)
  * avoid possible segfaults in cdda
  * libvcd updated to 0.7.20
  * libcdio updated to 0.68
  * libmad updated to 0.15.1b
  * build improvements - different source and build directory, translations
  * avoid deadlock with raw AC3 streams and visualization
  * fix 24 bpp RGB output - may affect some users of xshm and fb
  * generate events for "Permission denied" and "File not found" in the
    http and file plugins
  * DXR3: fix menu highlight areas in letterboxed overlay mode with 
    pan&scan content
  * DXR3: fix libavcodec encoder for frame widths not a multiple of 16
  * mediaLib now used for bilinear scaling
  * video_out_pgx32: properly clips video output
  * video_out_pgx64: fixed displaying frames out of order when multi-buffering,
    automatically manages overlay mode based on degree of occlusion.
  * DXR3: option to use Pan & Scan information embedded in MPEG and DVB streams
  * disable AUD content detection because of false positives
  * fix Real pnm/rtsp streaming on big endian platforms
  * big endian fix, and delay fixes for the file (wave) audio output plugin
  * RTSP security fixes
  * mmst big cleanup and fixes
  * asf codec initialization fix
  * engine improvement to handle unknown frame rate correctly
  * all config entries have help strings now
  * seeking support for matroska files
  * libmpeg2 now has native VIS motion compensation routines on SPARC

xine-lib (1-rc3c) 2004-04-08
  * fix the deadlock with non-seekable input plugins
  * guess codeset for OSD if nl_langinfo(CODESET) is missing or not working
  * new option - list of domains, where don't use proxy
  * fix possible crashes in front-ends that create and delete streams
  * send a message to the front-end when the audio device is busy
  * revert changes to the DVD plugin that made it impossible to play mounted
  * use xine network functions in CDDB lookups, fix connection timeout
  * preparing for future MinGW port
  * improved network buffer management policy.
  * asf/mmst/mmsh proper support for "media changing" command.
  * improve playback with separate subtitles, fix the seeking and a deadlock
  * DVD still menus fixed that were broken in rc3b
  * deadlocks with network buffer control fixed
  * DXR3's letterboxed overlay mode works with pan&scan material
  * DXR3: timestamp handling for NAV packets fixes the menu on the first
    DVD of "24" season 1
  * fixed audio sync method "resampling"

xine-lib (1-rc3b) 2004-03-17
  * fix SDL plugin that was broken in rc3
  * updated libfaad 2.0 RC3 cvs (fix some raw aac problems, HE support)
  * Win32 Cygwin updates, using DirectX
  * new demuxer for Interchange File Format (IFF) supporting IFF-8SVX, IFF-16SV,
    IFF-ILBM, and IFF-ANIM (limited to opt5, opt7 and opt8 at the moment)
  * fixed problem with jumpy visualization especially on ogg files
  * dxr3: fix situation, where the initial menu on some DVDs would have
    the wrong aspect
  * major refinement of post plugin architecture fixes a lot of races
  * fix runtime audio channel selection, specially for ogg/ogm streams
  * preliminary matroska support
  * support for AAC audio in RealMedia files
  * implement chapter skipping in ogm files
  * more RTP/UDP plugin fixes
  * secure http status string parsing, use status in mmsh again
  * fix endianness problem in OSD texts (using UCS-2LE or UCS-2BE encoding)
  * raw AAC fixes and support for 5.1 AAC streams
  * AVI demuxer OpenDML (AVI2.0) support
  * fix unscaled OSD for Kaffeine
  * Sierra VMD file demuxer
  * new ffmpeg decoders activated:
    * Sierra VMD audio and video
    * Duck TrueMotion v1 (DUCK)
    * Planar RGB (8BPS)
    * Lossless Codecs (MSZH & ZLIB)
    * ASV v1/v2
    * ATI VCR1
    * Real Video 2.0
    * Sierra VMD
    * Flash Video
  * new MOD demuxer
  * new, safer method for on-the-fly rewiring of post plugins
  * add iso-8859-9 and iso-8859-15 codepages into xine fonts
  * work around freezing with arts on BSD
  * documentation about xine fonts
  * make the protocol in MMS configurable - TCP, HTTP or autoprobe
  * added video output plugin for Sun PGX32 framebuffers
  * new video out plugin using CACA - Colored ASCII Art
  * fix a crash when using the gnome-vfs plugin with newer gnome-vfs versions
  * new "file" (wave) audio out plugin
    example: XINE_WAVE_OUTPUT=/tmp/file.wav xine -A file music.mp3
  * autoscan devices /dev/dsp* and /dev/sound/dsp* in OSS audio plugin
  * fix jittering problem with the xshm output plugin
  * fix a playback problem with some mp3 with id3v2 tags
  * asf demuxer fixes
  * new Flash Video (FLV) demuxer
  * option to pass an interface name in RTP MRLs
  * sync to latest libdvdnav fixes some menu problems and tries
    to continue playback in case of errors
  * ignore the hue setting on NVidia cards using the Xv video output
    as both the XFree86 and the proprietary driver are broken
  * fix long standing problem with xine using alsa's dmix audio out.
    Sound is now continuous.
  * fix playback of ogg/ogm files larger than 2GB

xine-lib (1-rc3a) 2003-12-28
  * new subtitle formats: jacobsub, subviewer 2.0, subrip 0.9
  * auto hiding of the subtitles
  * raw AAC file demuxer
  * fix starvation problem with kernel 2.6 NPTL
  * not overwrite the files by saving plugin
  * deinterlace fixes (detect mpeg1 as progressive and correct handling
    of top_field_first)
  * ogg/ogm demuxer fixes for big endian machines
  * update win32 port, working ffmpeg decode plugin
  * fixed segfault when running in verbose mode
xine-lib (1-rc3) 2003-12-16
  * fix dvd menu blending when using tvtime plugin (yuy2 blend)
  * fix problems with some more elaborate post plugin setups
  * discontinuity problems in audio only streams fixed
  * fix a bug in the id3v2.2 parsing code
  * fix best streams choice in mmsh
  * updated internal copy of ffmpeg with a lot of warning fixes
  * help texts for video post plugins
  * fix pts handling bug that caused long freezing in some animated dvd menus
  * configfile beautification (values set to default are now commented out)
  * fix some more problems with jumpy non-MPEG NTSC streams on the DXR3
  * handle comments in rpm playlist files
  * realaudio demuxer improvements including support for 14.4 codec and reading
    meta info
  * post plugin for ffmpeg libpostprocess (pp)
  * updated win32 MSVC port
  * default to menu button 1, if an invalid button is set
    (fixes main menu of "Alice in Wonderland" RC2)
  * fix yuy2 output on mga_vid vidix driver
  * fix syncing code of audio visualization post plugins
    (goom video does not jump any more)
  * problem with long frame durations fixed
  * seek timeout in RIP input plugin
  * support for saved files bigger than 2 GB
  * new unscaled overlay feature (using XShape extension)
    text subtitles may now be rendered at full screen resolution
  * load xine fonts on demand - faster startup
  * decoder priority can be changed without restarting
  * fix length of mpeg 2 audio vbr streams
  * use AUDIODEV enviroment variable on Sun
  * text subtitles improvements and bugfixes
  * unified handling of external subtitles and ogg subtitles
  * detect end of real rtsp streams
  * fix tvtime segfaults
  * fix performance problems of RTP/UDP plugin
  * fix crash with really long subtitle/language names in ogm/off files
  * lots of internal cleanup
  * fix crash when using the save plugin with mmst
  * id3v2.3 parser
  * fix playback of 8 bit sound when the soundcard doesn't support them

xine-lib (1-rc2) 2003-10-25
  * XvMC support for hardware accelerated mpeg2 playback (-V xvmc)
  * Fix some errors in sound state when exiting xine and using alsa.
  * new tvtime/deinterlacer algorithm scalerbob
  * new tvtime/deinterlacer option "cheap mode": skips format conversion.
    (uses less cpu but it's not 100% accurate)
  * encoding of URL with multibyte characters in MMS
  * fix ssa subtitle handling
  * don't find out id3 info in mp3 files saved from non-seekable inputs
  * handle filenames containing # or % more nicely
  * net buffer controler cleanup and fixes
  * mms command 0x20 support, bugfixes
  * concatenated asf streams support
  * fix performance issue with wav demuxer and compressed data
  * fix mpeg 2 audio frame parsing (mpeg_audio demuxer)
  * fix segmentation fault in mms when iconv_open fails
  * allow lazy loading of Sun mediaLib (configure --enable-mlib-lazyload)
  * clugged security hole in RIP input plugin - all saved data are 
    stored into one dir now, default save directory is empty what means 
    disable saving (problem reported by Michiel Toneman, many thanks)
  * the former VCDX plugin is now the default VCD plugin which opens up
    a world of new features for VCD users (the old plugin is still
    available as VCDO)
  * documentation (xine hacker's guide) has undergone a major update

xine-lib (1-rc1)
  * fix incorrect colours when blending frame with a big-endian RGB pixel format
  * add support for chroma keyed overlay graphics to video_out_pgx64
  * add support for double and multi-buffering to video_out_pgx64
  * libdvdnav: fix some undetected stills (fixes "Red Dragon" RC2 scene selection)
  * video output plugin for libstk
  * bugfix: detection of external subtitle formats
  * support for arbitrary aspect ratios
  * DVD menu button group handling in spu decoders (software and dxr3)
    (fixes wrong initial menu highlights on "Star Trek 3" SE RC2 for the dxr3)
  * get the correct duration and bitrate for MP3s with Xing headers (VBR)
  * fix alignment check in configure (fixes weird colours with MPEG2 on PPC)
  * improved expand plugin (increased performance, allow subtitle shifting)
  * support saving streams to local files.
    example: xine stream_mrl#save:file.raw
  * MPEG demuxer fixes (support VLC streams)
  * simple VCR functionality added to DVB input plugin
    just press MENU2 (that is for example F2 in gxine) to start/stop recording
  * display channel number and name in DVB mode
  * first steps towards AMD64 support (thanks to Adrian Schroeter of SuSE)
  * Add support for 4.1 and 5 channel speaker setups.
  * Allow a52 passthru to be switchied on and off without having to exit xine.
    One has to stop playing, and then restart playing for it to activate.
  * Fix .mp3 content detection for .mp3 files with a header or ID3.
  * Fix detection of mpeg1/mpeg2 in demux_mpeg_pes.
  * Fix long standing problem with alsa not working on some audio cards
    when using 6 analogue channels for output.
  * Fix bug in playing A52 .wav files via SPDIF passthrough.
  * Improve demux of transport streams with PMT stream IDs > 0x80.
  * fix aspect ratio of MPEG1 streams
  * Add support for TITLE= and CHAPTER*= comment in ogm files
  * fix deadlock/freeze problems in audio output thread
  * Don't add the data track to the autoplay list for Audio CDs (Linux)
  * dxr3: fix stuttering playback of some non-MPEG content
  * fix playback of AVIs with mp3 VBR
  * fix some asf demuxer bugs
    seq number handling (helps a lot with mms live video streams)
    frame duration bug with "still" frames
  * Add support for some A52 streams into demux_mpeg_pes.
    Used by PRO7 digital tv channel.
  * fix colors of YUY2 overlay blending
  * new fftgraph viz plugin
  * updated goom support
  * better multibyte string support in OSD and external subtitles
  * fix crasher in CDDA plugin
  * nvtv tvmode support removed from xine-lib. it is better suited in the
    frontends where it should be replaced with the new libnvtvsimple.
  * fix mp3 VBR length and pts computation
  * initial id3v2 support (id3v2.3 and id3v2.4 are not yet supported)
  * Fix blocking on xine start when using alsa.

xine-lib (1-rc0a) 2003-08-02
  * includes ffmpeg's MPEG encode in dist tarball (fixes DXR3 support)
  * don't abort on MPEG_block stream errors

xine-lib (1-rc0) 2003-08-01
  * improved seeking accuracy of ogg_demuxer 
  * xine broadcaster (send stream to multiple xine clients simultaneously)
    start master with 'xine --broadcast-port xxxx'
    start slaves with 'xine slave://master_address:xxxx'
  * nvtv updates and fixes
  * Nullsoft Video (.nsv) file demuxer
  * 4X Technologies (.4xm) file demuxer
  * libdvdnav: fix some situations where an unlucky user could trigger assertions
  * decoder priority handling: configuring a priority of 0 means "use default"
    users are advised to set all decoder priorities to 0 in their config files
  * dvd:<path> and dvd:<device> MRLs now work when a DVD is in the drive to
    which the raw device setting points to (libdvdcss tried to access the raw device)
  * fix dxr3 sync problems after seeking
  * fix potential playback problems for MPEG files with rare framerates
    (23.976, 59.94 and 60 fps)
  * move http proxy configuration to xine itself
  * add expand post video filter for displaying subtitles in borders
  * speex ( audio decoder support
  * dxr3: libavcodec from xine's ffmpeg plugin can now be used for MPEG reencoding
    (so reencoding is now possible without installing any additional libraries)
  * add support for seeking in real media files
  * improved support for real video codecs
  * new deinterlacer (tvtime) plugin with more algorithms, full framerate output, 
    2-3 pulldown detection, judder correction, chroma upsampling error free,
    works with all video drivers. warning: cpu intensive :)
  * some post plugins ported from mplayer: boxblur, denoise3d, eq, eq2, unsharp
  * big improvement of v4l input and associated demuxer. Including 
    sound capture using alsa and a/v sync. Now radio is supported as well.
  * dxr3: using decoder timestamps will hopefully fix some last sync problems
  * (hopefully) fix crashes with win32 Quicktime DLLs
  * improve seeking in asf and avi files
  * fix seeking to near the end of avi files
  * fix handling of exotic a/v RIFF chunks (00iv, 0031, ...) in avi files
  * libdvdnav: fix LinkNextC assertion failure
    (fixes LotR-SEE bonus disc image gallery)

xine-lib (1-beta12)
  * enabled SVQ3 video decoding via ffmpeg
  * playback of theorastreams added
  * updated nvtv support, and bug fixes
  * ac3 pcm-audiotype .wav files now supported via software decode.
    Passthru not implemented yet due to lack of re-sync code in liba52 passthru mode.
  * playback of cd/dvd over the network (see README.network_dvd)
  * use variable block program stream demuxer for mpeg2 files
  * cdda improvements (error handling, device on mrl)
  * input_pvr (ivtv) updates
  * demux_mpeg_block improved to cure problems with VCDs and bogus encrypted messages.
xine-lib (1-beta11) 2003-04-28
  * fix bugs in selecting ogm subtitles
  * fix multiple lines subtitles' display in OGM container
  * fix fastforward bug (slow playback with unused cpu cicles)
  * fix input_net (tcp) seeking
  * network input plugins do not freeze when no data is available
  * fix seeking in ogg files
  * fix av/desync in ogmfiles
  * fix ac3 in ogm support
  * no more xshm completion events
  * performance improvements (enabled ffmpeg direct rendering)
  * faster seeking
  * simple 10-band equalizer
  * fix scaling of video with a pixel aspect ratio not equal to one
  * mms protocols (mmst + mmsh ) bugfixes
  * new input plugin api
  * Quicktime fixes (now all Matrix: Reloaded teasers and trailers play)
  * fix playback of video files created by Canon digital cameras

xine-lib (1-beta10) 2003-04-08
  * loading and displaying png images (e.g. for logos)
  * capability of on-the-fly stream rewiring
  * libdvdnav: PGC based positioning:
    seeking on DVDs now spans the entire feature
  * font encoding cleanup (xinefonts use unicode now)
  * freetype2 support for OSD
  * ffmpeg sync (build 4663). WMV8 decoder enabled.
  * much more accurate time display with DVDs
  * xine health check fixes for non-mtrr machines
  * fixes for high-bandwidth RV30 streams
  * fix for vplayer format subtitles
  * fix for distorted display of some DVD menus
  * DVD title/part MRLs (dvd:/<title>.<part>) work much more reliable
  * OGM subtitles support
  * network controler improvements
  * generic error reporting mechanism using events
  * DVD: report the current menu type
  * DVD: menu calls ("Escape" in xine-ui) can now jump back from the
    menu into the movie as well
xine-lib (1-beta9) 2003-03-22
  * implement XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_LEVEL so xine's volume can be
    set independantly from other applications
  * mpeg-4 postprocessing support added to ffmpeg video decoder
  * support HTTP redirections
  * fix mpgaudio demuxer to not try to falsely handle AVI files
  * fix mpeg demuxer to work with chunks bigger than xine's buffers
  * fix libmpeg2 to not wait endlessly for I/P frames,
    fix MPEG artifacts on seek
  * fix the MP3 by content detection for some streams
  * fix segfault with non-multiple of 16 height video and XShm
  * fix BAD STATE error on seek with ALSA audio driver
  * fix artefacts when playing certain DivX video streams on i386
  * libavcodec divx/xvid qpel bug workaround ported from ffmpeg cvs
  * libdvdnav: method to try-run VM operations,
    now used for safer chapter skipping and menu jumps
  * libdvdnav: do not rely on a 1:1 mapping between PTTs and PGs
  * libdvdnav: do not rely on PGs to be physically layed out in sequence

xine-lib (1-beta8)
  * fix DVD highlight problems
xine-lib (1-beta7) 2003-03-07
  * libdvdnav updated to 0.1.6cvs: fixes a whole class of problems caused
    by dvdnav being a bit ahead in the stream due to xine's fifos
  * libdvdread updated to 0.9.4
  * streaming of avi files (e.g. via http)
  * experimental TiVo-like functionality using WinTV-PVR cards (pvr plugin)
  * rtp input updated to latest API, and rewritten to handle arbitrary
    packet sizes, and both real RTP packets and a stream sent as raw UDP
    packets (common in IP-TV).  RTP packet parsing not tested, and does
    not handle sequence counter.  There's also a deadlock in many demuxers
    when trying to stop during a network timeout, xine has to be SIGKILLED
    in this case.
  * dvaudio support
  * stdin plugin fix (pause engine when there is no data available)
  * .rm file reference handling bugfxi
  * mute console output unless XINE_PARAM_VERBOSE is set
xine-lib (1-beta6) 2003-02-24
  * inform the width and height for the v4l input plugin
  * ffmpeg aspect ratio detection code fixed
  * demux_ogg arm patch by dilb
  * memleak fixes by ewald snel
  * plugin loader segfault fix
  * fb configure check fixed
xine-lib (1-beta5) 2003-02-21
  * new AV sync strategy (audio resample) for DXR3 users
  * improved fb driver with zero copy
  * fix the v4l plugin for lower resolution devices (webcam)
  * nvtv bugfixes
  * network code bugfixes (again long wait for some streams)
  * fix flac content detection (caused trouble to other demuxers)
  * OSS driver fixes (for cards using GETOPTR sync method)
  * fixed gnome-vfs plugin to be used for remote locations (other than http)
  * at least for DVD input, the language reporting is now channel-aware
  * CD-ROM/XA ADPCM decoder
  * QT demuxer fixes to select among multiple A/V traks and support 
    non- and poorly-interleaved files 
  * support for the css title key cache in the latest versions of a well
    known css decryption library
  * allow to crop the dxr3 overlay area to help users who see green lines
    at the top or bottom of the dxr3 overlay image
  * fixed discontinuity detection bug in MPEG block demuxer
    (this might fix occasional - or, in case of "Dances with Wolves" RC2,
    enduring - audio stutters in DVD playback)
  * win32 loader bugfixes (most notably indeo, quicktime and wmv9)
  * FFT post plugin improvements
  * 'Qclp' Qualcomm PureVoice audio decoing via Quicktime DLL
  * libdvdnav updated to 0.1.5: miscellaneous fixes
  * HuffYUV video decoding via ffmpeg
  * vidixfb vo driver for vidix overlay on linux frame buffer
  * video processing api race condition fixes and other updates
  * make number of video buffer configurable by the user
    (performance tuning option)

xine-lib (1-beta4) 2003-01-29
  * http input fixes
  * rtsp input fixes (remove long wait on end of stream)
  * build fixes
  * support for reference streams (.asx, .ram)

xine-lib (1-beta3) 2003-01-28
  * PSX STR file demuxer
  * Westwood Studios AUD demuxer
  * PVA file demuxer
  * VOX file demuxer
  * NSF file demuxer
  * raw AC3 file demuxer
  * Goom plugin updated and acceleration added (mmx/ppc)
  * live rawdv playback (from device)
  * plugin loader improvements
  * basic oscilloscope post plugin
  * basic Fast Fourier Transform post plugin
  * CD digital audio input source and stream demuxer
  * Dialogic ADPCM audio decoder
  * reporting of unhandled codecs
  * NSF audio decoding via Nosefart
  * DVB plugin updated to new DVB API, DVB-C and DVB-T support
  * gnome-vfs input plugin added
  * external subtitles support. use either MRL syntax like 
    "test.mpg#subtitle:file.sub" or the frontend option.
  * updated VIDIX driver (image controls supported)
  * "mms over http" streaming protocol support
  * experimental v4l input plugin (analogue tv)
  * FLAC support (demuxer/decoder)
  * fixed yuy2 overlays on big-endian systems
  * experimental tvout support using nvtvd (configure --enable-nvtv)
xine-lib (1-beta2) 2003-01-02
  * what a GOOM! post plugin
  * Digital TV (DVB) input plugin (experimental)
  * Interplay MVE playback system (file demuxer, video decoder, audio decoder)
  * support for real video 4.0 (through external real binary plugins)
  * quicktime binary-only codec support bugfixes
xine-lib (1-beta1) 2002-12-24
  * updated libfaad
  * improved engine for seeking and slider positioning
  * network input plugin is working again
  * handle avi files produced by dvgrab
  * real media demuxer should handle most files now 
  * real media rv20/rv30 video and cook/sipro/dnet audio should work 
    (except dnet x86 only)
  * real media rtsp protocol streaming support
  * mms input plugin cleanup/bugfixes/improvements
  * syncfb and sdl vo plugins ported
  * quicktime binary-only codec support (highly experimental)
  * dmo wmv9 binary codec support
  * MNG demuxer added
  * raw dv demuxer added
  * many FLI/FLC fixes
xine-lib (1-beta0) 2002-12-11
  * fix decoder priority configuration
  * cache available plugins for faster xine loading
  * metronom's improvements for streams with slightly wrong sample rates
  * fix case were XV driver would segfault (YUY2)
  * first xine post effect plugin
  * new version of internal libdvdread fixing some DVD problems
  * longstanding dxr3 bug fixed: for some still menus the highlight did not move
  * asf demuxer fixes
  * fb video output plugin ported to new architecture
  * MPEG-4 file (*.mp4) support
  * closed caption support ported to new architecture
xine-lib (1-alpha2) 2002-11-27
  * configurable image position
  * DVD menu button highlight position fixes
  * internal engine changes to allow a new layer of post effect plugins
  * VCD playback fixed (actually it was a bug in the real demuxer)
  * pnm input plugin (old real network protocol)
  * real demuxer fixes
  * use binary real codecs to decode rv20/30 video, sipro/cook audio
  * arts audio output plugin ported to new architecture
  * esound audio output plugin ported to new architecture
xine-lib (1-alpha1) 2002-11-20
  * transport stream demuxer fixes
  * DVD playback should be working again (please report DVDs that don't play!)
  * stdin_fifo input plugin
  * vcd input plugin  
  * native Windows Media Audio (a.k.a. WMA, DivX audio) decoding via ffmpeg
  * XviD decoder is working again
  * DV decoder (ffmpeg)

xine-lib (1-alpha0) 2002-11-04

  * dvd plugin replaced by dvdnav with full menu support
  * fix segfault on exit for w32codecs
  * fix yuy2 on xshm bug (affects w32codecs and msvc)
  * reimplemented x/y zoom
  * Wing Commander III MVE movie file demuxer
  * Creative Voice (VOC) file demuxer
  * Westwood Studios VQA file demuxer
  * AIFF file demuxer
  * Sun/NeXT SND/AU file demuxer
  * YUV4MPEG2 file demuxer
  * RealMedia & RealAudio file demuxers
  * Electronic Arts WVE file demuxer
  * Id CIN video decoder
  * QT RLE video decoder
  * QT SMC video decoder
  * QT RPZA video decoder
  * Wing Commander III video decoder
  * Logarithmic PCM (mu-law & A-law) audio decoder
  * GSM 6.10 audio decoder
  * Electronic Arts ADPCM audio decoder
  * time-based seeking in ogg-streams
  * improved support for ogg-streams containing video (so-called ogm streams)
  * spu encoding for full overlay support with dxr3
  * icecast/shoutcast support
  * dvd raw device support
  * decode id3v1 tags in mp3 files 
  * updated internal liba52 to version 0.7.4
  * numeric selection of dvd menu buttons (could make some dvd easter eggs accesible)
  * big api cleanup
  * xine engine can open more than one stream at a time
  * audio compressor filter
  * content detection fixes (e.g. mpeg program streams)
  * much improved plugin loader, makes it possible to have several
    versions of libxine installed in parallel
  * file:// mrl use an uri-like syntax now, %xx-encoded chars are handled,
    '?' is used to separate subtitle files
  * incorporated pgx64[fb] plugin
  * improved support for invalid mpeg streams
  * some metronom changes hopefully improving some last glitches in dvd playback
  * URI conforming MRL syntax, new delimiter # for various stream parameters
  * variuos fixes for dxr3 overlay mode
xine-lib (0.9.13) 2002-08-03

  * improved audio resampling for cards limited to 16 bits, stereo or mono
  * native wmv7 decoder using ffmpeg
  * enable ffmpeg's native msmpeg4 v1/v2 decoder
  * correct highlight placement for anamorphic and pan&scan menus with DXR3
  * half-way support for widescreen tv sets with DXR3
  * WAV file demuxer
  * SMJPEG file demuxer
  * Id CIN file demuxer
  * FLI file demuxer
  * FLI video decoder
  * Raw RGB video support
  * Raw YUV video support
  * Microsoft RLE decoder
  * AAC decoder (FAAD2 library)
  * Reworked ALSA audio support 
  * demux_qt improvements to handle .mp4
  * initial support of Quicktime6 files
  * image redraw in paused mode (for window resize, adjusts etc)
  * skip by chapters GUI enhancement
  * deliver frame statistics only if frames have been skipped/dropped

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Sat,  3 Aug 2002 22:44:16 +0200

xine-lib (0.9.12) 2002-06-23

  * demux_ts fixes for ATSC streams
  * configurable size of avi subtitles
  * fixed bug in libsputext that caused subtitle flashing
  * update win32 codec loading code
  * use directshow filter to decode msmpeg4 v1/v2
  * fixed logo file name extension
  * fixed german i18n files

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>

xine-lib (0.9.11) 2002-06-20
  * sync with ffmpeg cvs
  * some endianess and 64bit machine fixes
  * better quality using linearblend filter
  * new FILM (CPK) demuxer
  * new RoQ demuxer
  * RoQ video decoder
  * RoQ audio decoder
  * new SVQ1 decoder
  * new QuickTime demuxer
  * DXR3 overlay mode fixed
  * DXR3 support for libfame 0.8.10 and above
  * fixes for transport streams demuxer
  * VIDIX video out driver (experimental)
  * TV fullscreen support using nvtvd
  * better support for gcc 3.1 (libmpeg2)
  * assorted open source ADPCM audio decoders
  * support setting config options using "opt:" pseudo MRLs

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>
xine (0.9.10) 2002-05-28

  * fixed snapshot: capture current frame with overlays
  * AVI progressive index reconstruction
  * demuxers seeking cleanup and fixes
  * "streaming" AVI support (plays growing files)
  * handle AVIs bigger than 2GB
  * new resizing behaviour for xine-ui: user may choose if stream
    size changes should update video window size.
  * fix VCD playback
  * libmad updated to 0.14.2b and optimized for speed 
  * cinepak video decoder (native)
  * libwin32 compilation fixes
  * dxr3 compilation fixes
  * SyncFB video-out (brightness/contrast control is back, updated doc, ...)
  * new spec files for rpm package generation (xine-ui and xine-lib)
  * SDL video out driver (experimental)
  * XVidMode support fixed

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> 

xine (0.9.9) 2002-05-28
  * new (fast) demuxer seeking
  * libdivx4 updated to support divx5
  * several memory leak fixes
  * sound card clock drift correction
  * reworked video driver api
  * new deinterlace method (linear blend)
  * win32 dll stability fixes
  * updated ffmpeg (with divx5 support)
  * updated mpeg2dec (0.2.1)
  * new metronom code and discontinuity handling
  * logo moved to xine-lib
  * improved still frame detection and video_out code 
  * several dxr3 fixes
  * avi multiple audio stream support
  * font encoding support for avi subtitles
  * avi subtitles can be turned off
  * mms streaming plugin
  * better playing support for ffmpeg/win32 codecs on slow machines
  * using "%" instead of ":" as subtitle file seperator
  * xvid ( codec support
  * use of $CFLAGS instead of $GLOBAL_CFLAGS 

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Sat Apr 20 20:32:33 CEST 2002

xine (0.9.8) 2002-01-16

  * Linux framebuffer video out driver (experimental)
  * several bugfixes
  * still frame detection
  * closed caption decoding
  * ffmpeg updated to cvs version
  * metronom bugfixes
  * better looking OSD fonts
  * fix audio pause on discontinuities
  * merged dxr3 and dxr3enc drivers into single dxr3 driver. See README.dxr3 
  * dxr3 encoding support for librte-0.4 besides the traditional libfame.
  * support for (live) mpg streams via tcp
  * two new skins

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Sun Jan 13 16:15:07 CET 2002

xine (0.9.7) 2001-12-11

  * fix some win32 dll segfaults
  * seamless branching on input_dvd
  * fix no audio deadlock
  * OSD (On Screen Display) for rendering text and graphics into overlays
  * reworked spu and overlay manager (multiple overlays supported)
  * support for avi text subtitles (use something like xine stream.avi:foo.sub)
  * altivec support

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Tue Nov 27 01:20:06 CET 2001

xine (0.9.6) 2001-11-28

  * demux_asf big fragments handling
  * working setup dialog (experimental)
  * dxr3 bugfixes
  * sun audio interface version fixed
  * fix segfault with -A null
  * add support for quicktime streams without audio
  * audio plugin interface fix

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Tue Nov 27 01:20:06 CET 2001

xine (0.9.5) 2001-11-23

  * improved responsiveness (pause, stop, resume, seek)
  * catch segfaults when loading plugins
  * test OS support for SSE instructions
  * new win32 codecs supported (including Windows Media Video 7/8)
  * libwin32dll bugfixes and DirectShow support
  * demux_asf reworked to handle asf oddities
  * input_http bugfixes, proxy, auth and proxy-auth support
  * snapshots of YUY2 images should work now
  * SyncFB video out plugin: bug fixes, YUY2 support and several enhancements
  * dxr3 overlay<->tv & TV mode switching on-the-fly (see README.dxr3)
  * new config file handling (.xinerc is gone, .xine/config is the replacement)
  * setup dialog preview
  * new metronom code for smoother playback of streams containing broken pts
  * xinerama patch by George Staikos <>

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Fri Nov 23 14:10:26 CET 2001

xine (0.9.4) 2001-11-04

  * new SyncFB video out plugin (see README.syncfb)
  * catch SIGSEGV during libdivxdecore version probing. see README.divx4.
  * audio_force_rate .xinerc option

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Sun Nov  4 23:43:55 CET 2001

xine (0.9.3) 2001-11-02

  * XShm gamma adjusting (brightness)
  * bugfix: lot skipped frames and low cpu
  * bugfix: dolby 2.0 audio was not correctly played back (mono)
  * option for constant downmixing to dolby 2.0 added (see README.xinerc)
  * reworked spu/menu decoder
  * new deinterlace method using Xv scaling for slower systems
  * mmx/mmxext/sse optimized memcpy functions
  * oss softsync fixes
  * EXPERIMENTAL dxr3enc video driver for displaying non-mpeg streams on dxr3
    (read xine-ui/doc/README.dxr3 for details on compilation and usage)
  * version checking of external in divx4 decoder plugin
  * default priority of divx4 decoder (4) lower than ffmpeg (5)
  * removed divx4 decoder warning and code cleanup; updated README.divx4
  * dxr3 option for 'zoom' mode (see README.dxr3)
  * dxr3 still-menu/audio sync fixes / menu buttons now auto-display
  * dxr3 now keeps BCS values in .xinerc / Aspect ratio autodetection
xine (0.9.2) 2001-10-16

  * bugfixes
  * ogg/vorbis support
  * improved softsync (esd, oss) support
  * ASF support
  * non-gcc compiler support
  * improved spu/menu support
  * fast, specialized scaling functions
  * documentation cleanup
  * audio volume slider

 -- Guenter Bartsch <> Sun Oct 14 20:13:20 CEST 2001

xine (0.9.1) 2001-09-17

  * support for subtitle names
  * new software deinterlacer (try --deinterlace; caution: CPU intensive!)
  * new --version argument
  * autoconf-2.52/automake-1.5 support (please test!)
  * lots of small bugfxes...

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Tue, 18 Sep 2001 01:48:38 +0200

xine (0.9.0) 2001-09-13

  * generic menu support
  * many bugfixes
  * quicktime demuxer
  * dts via s/pdif output

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>  Fri Sep 14 01:37:31 CEST 2001

xine (0.5.3) 2001-09-05

  * small bugfix release

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>  Wed Sep  5 02:41:11 CEST 2001

xine (0.5.2) 2001-09-03

  * many bugfixes
  * ffmpeg (mpeg4, opendivx ...) works on bigendian machines now
  * time-based seeking (try the cursor keys)
  * stream bitrate/length estimation (not implemented in all demuxers yet)
  * transport stream support should work now 
  * trick-plays (fast forward, slow motion, true pause function)
  * audio output architecture change

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>  Sun Sep  2 23:47:00 CEST 2001

xine (0.5.1) 2001-08-10

  * ffmpeg plugin (OpenDivX, MS mpeg 4, motion-jpeg support)
  * various bugfixes

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>  Sat,  11 Aug 2001 01:39:12 +0200

xine (0.5.0) 2001-08-05

  This is the big, long-awaited architecture change

  * new, plugin-based architecture
  * major GUI enhancements (MRL browser, usability...)
  * ports to Solaris (sparc/intel), IRIX (mips)
  * fullscreen and yuy2 support for XShm
  * support for remote X11 displays
  * aalib video output
  * artsd support
  * dxr3/h+ support now finally in the official tree
  * 4/5/5.1 audio channel output (OSS/ ALSA?)
  * a new default skin by Jérôme Villette

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>  Sun,  22 Jul 2001 13:10:52 +0200

xine (0.4.3) 2001-05-16

  This is a minor bugfix release

  * GUI bugfixes and minor improvements
  * build fixes for FreeBSD
  * tarball should be complete now
  * improved demuxer file type detection
  * making metronom a bit more tolerant for small wraps
  * improved mp3 sample rate handling 

 -- Guenter Bartsch <>  Sun,  16 May 2001 22:59:00 +0200

xine (0.4.2) 2001-05-06

  This is mainly a bugfix release for those who want a stable xine _now_,
  before the new, better, universal 0.5 architecture has stabilized.
  * RPM package fixes (version 0.4.01)
  * Stability/portability patches by Henry Worth
    (fixes lots of hangs and the like, should build on ppc now)
  * tests for ALSA version <0.9 in configure
  * improved synchronization, especially for AVIs
  * added file browser dialog (bad hack, but mostly working)
  * fixed "squeeking mpeg sound" bug
  * fixed segfault bug with non-seekable input plugins
  * fifo plugin now refuses to handle plain file name MRLs
    (fixes broken seek for files on some installations)
 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Sun,  6 May 2001 14:24:01 +0200

xine (0.4.0) 2001-03-02

  * new multithreaded architecture - xine becomes idle
  * notable performance improvements
  * lots of portability patches (alpha, powerpc...)
  * dynamic loading of demuxers

  * added support for ESD audio output
  * new CORBA interface (optional)

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Sat,  3 Mar 2001 01:36:39 +0100

xine (0.3.7) 2001-02-04

  * subpicture/subtitle support
  * experimental AC3 digital output with some ALSA drivers 
  * restricted Debian build architecture to i386
  * added Setup dialog for brightness and contrast controls

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Sun,  4 Feb 2001 14:44:23 +0100

xine (0.3.6) 2001-01-22

  * support for field pictures
  * added autoprobing for audio driver
  * fixed autoconf paths for architecture independant files
  * VCD support for FreeBSD
  * raw device support fixed
  * libmpg123 update and bugfixes
  * mpeg audio (mp3) demuxer
  * video window resizing for Xv available
  * updated Debian control and copyright (closes:Bug#82817,Bug#83044,Bug#83047)

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Mon, 22 Jan 2001 02:06:08 +0100

xine (0.3.5) 2001-01-10

  * (hopefully) fixed autoconf for Athlon processors
  * fixed aspect ratio calculation (=> SVCD support)
  * fixed demuxer bug (xine crashed aftera few minutes w/ some streams)
  * teletux support for YUY2 video format

  * added fixed build architecture for Debian package
  * Debian packages are now using /usr/lib/win32 for Windows Codecs
  * using English man page instead of French one, both to come...

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Wed, 10 Jan 2001 11:10:57 +0100

xine (0.3.4) 2001-01-08

  * re-debianized package using debhelper (much cleaner debian packages)

  * rudimentary support for win32 codecs
  * added Teletux support patch from Joachim Koenig
  * 3Dnow! support
  * build improvements on K6/K7 processors  

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Mon,  8 Jan 2001 04:03:11 +0100

xine (0.3.3) 2001-01-04

  * playlist, autoplay function
  * seamless branching
  * lpcm support
  * sigint handling
  * fixed shared memory release
  * fixed NTSC aspect ratio

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Thu, 04 Jan 2001 01:37:42 +0100

xine (0.3.2) 2000-12-13
  * audio rate up/downsampling
  * new yuv2rgb routines
  * anamorphic scaling for Xshm output
  * gui improvements (audio channel selection, fullscreen,
	  skinfiles, slider, transparency, a new theme)
  * ac3dec performance improved 
  * improved debugging/logging functions
  * improved dabian packages
  * RedHat 7 / gcc "2.96" build fixes

   -- Siggi Langauf <>  Wed, 13 Dec 2000 02:44:18 +0100

xine (0.3.1p1) 2000-11-21

  * Bugfix for Debian package: 0.3.1 always segfaulted. This release should

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Tue, 21 Nov 2000 21:43:18 +0100

xine (0.3.1) 2000-11-20

  * Initial release of Debian package.

  * xine should run on kde now
  * better audio driver detection
  * fixed aspect ratio bug
  * fixed pause function (restart pos)
  * fixed playlist-next bug  

 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Sun, 19 Nov 2000 15:33:28 +0100

xine (0.3.0) 2000-11-18

  - NULL audio driver (ability to run without sound card) 
  - ALSA audio driver
  - pause function
  - simple playlist function
  - massive performance improvements for xshm through subslice output
  - gui/skin improvements
  - improved build process
  - improved internal architecture
  - many minor updates/bugfixes

xine (0.2.4) 2000-10-30

  - this is a maintenance/bugfix release, just wanted to release all the
    small little changes before we go for the next big architecture update
    that will be in the 0.3.x series

xine (0.2.3) 2000-10-15

  - included patches by Alan Cox:
    net_plugin, bug fixes (i.e. VCD ...)
  - xshm video output module fixed for bpp>16
    (but don't use that for speed reasons!)
  - new iDCT_mmx code from walken 
    => picture quality massively improved :))
  - FAQ update
  - speed improvements due to new compiler switches
  - minor Makefile fixes for FreeBSD ports 
 -- Siggi Langauf <>  Sun,  7 Jan 2001 23:59:12 +0100

xine (0.2.2) 2000-10-10

xine (0.2.1) 2000-10-10

xine (0.2.0) 2000-09-28

xine (0.1.3) 2000-08-17